Good Morning, Good Morning! It's Monday! You know what that means?!

That’s right! It’s a brand new week for auditions for CREATIVE DISNEY ROLEPLAY! We’re a super chill group filled with some super chill people and some straight up fantastic writers! We’re a pretty small family right now, but we’re looking to expand. You know that means? TONS OF OPEN CHARACTERS!

It would mean a ton to me if you would check out the group page, the rules, and the masterlist and maybe consider joining us! 

We’ve had some people asking for a Jim Hawkins, plenty of people rp as the only character from their movie and would probably love some people to plot with and expand headcanons! We’ve also just opened up auditions for FROZEN and MONSTERS UNIVERSITY characters. Our Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff would love some more characters.

Personally? I’d love to see the Banks children or maybe Miss Andrew (she’s the evil nanny from the stage musical and it would be fun to plot some drama uwu) But really, I want to see the group grow! 

TL;DR: CDRP is super fly and the people are super fly and you should join us because we would love to see you.


This is a fun, well done, creative roleplay group with friendly, active and talented members. Expect many events, including a Winter Ball in the very near future. However, if we want to keep it going, we really need more members!

If you think you may be interested in playing any of the following characters, click here!

Flynn Rider


Kristoff Bjorgman





E. Aster Bunnymund


Blake Jason Ronan-> 21/collage-> Decedent: Ronno->Luke Bilyk->TAKEN

Blake has always be the tough guy and never one to back down to from a fight. Actually he caused most of them and most of them involing the Kingsley’s. For years, their family has had battles on which family was the true King and Queen of Italy and the Kingsley’s have seam to win that battle, leaving The Ronan’s with the Lord and Lady’s tittle. Not the ether of the family’s have more power then the other, it just a tittle.

The family still butt head every now and then it was only till about a year and a half ago when Blake’s father and the King decided that they should stop this silly fighting and unite the two families with a wed. Both there eldest would be married but that quickly changed when Brynn got pregnant. Blake’s father would not let the wedding happen with her have a child that was some else, so the King turned to his youngest. Blessing would be to marry him but at the time she was to young so they gave her till her 18th birthday. If ether of the two where to find true love by then it all would be called off.

Blake remembers pick on Bliss and her brother, Hope, most on their childhood. Him and Bliss gotten into may arguments cause of both of them have short tempers. He started fights with all of the Kingsley, Hoffman, Foster, and Ryans, all them seam to have a problem with his family that roots back to their decentest. In his mind they where easy targets but after the engagement was announced he tried letting got of the all the bad blood between their family and show them his nicer side. He got to know Hope and Jordan a lot better when he went to war with them.

Blake is actually a very kind and sweet guy if you not on his bad side. He has a bit of a attitude at times but he tries his best to not show around new people. Hes charming and smooth and knows how to sweet talk a lady, but is seams to fail on his bride to be. He know she hell bent of getting out of the wedding and he can’t really blame her, he was a asshole to her for most of their lives. He trying his best to convince her other wise. Blake just wants the past to be forgotten and for him not to be looked at as the bad guy no more.

Relationships: None


Jannah “Jeannie” Sihr->17/Junior->Descent:Genie and Eden->Daniella Monet->TAKEN

Jannah’s the youngest sister of a family of two boys. She comes from a long lineages of pureblood genies, all tracing back to the sultan’s friend, Genie and Eden. With the lineage came extraordinary powers, such as shapeshifting and flying. To blend in, Jannah would be in her human form. Her orginal form is pink with her lower half being a wispy tail. 

Surprisingly, she is pretty responsible for being the youngest of three. If Ramses and Marc was going to act as goofballs, then why should she? She has terrific control of her powers, unlike Marc. And as far as granting wishes goes, she will do that only if she has established a connection with someone.

However, Jannah had nearly gotten herself cursed. It is unlawful for a pureblood genie to fall in love with a human. You see, the Sihrs kept a close bond with the Sultan’s family for centuries. The Sauds, which they later became known, wereclose to the Sihrs and in that closeness, Jannah fell for one of  them. He loved her in return, but that love itself is cursed. When a genie fell in love with a human, she not only grows emotionally attached to him, but physically as well. For instance, if her lover experienced a cut, she would grow that cut out of nowhere right then and there. 

The thing was, her lover was into extreme activities, so he bruised himself up many times. Jannah would never let him know about the curse, so she did the second hardest thing, break up with him. It was better than telling her family that she was being cursed.

She tries her best to act like a normal genie-in-disuise. She can get bubbly and convivial at times, so it’s easy to be her friend. Sometimes, she wishes she was a normal human instead of a genie, since it’s difficult for someone of her kind to suppress her powers.

Relationships: Ramses(Older Brother), Marc (Older Brother)


Name: Naveen | Movie: Princess and the Frog | Alliance: Halo | Taken

Before the separation, Naveen and Tiana were happy together. He was eternally devoted to her and he still was. After leaving the comfort of their home to look for a new life, Naveen and his wife were separated. Desperately, he searched for her, stumbling through the Wasted Planes. It was there that he was exposed to the gas that left him numb for a short time until he developed Congenital Insensitivity to Pain. He couldn’t feel pain. It was weeks before John Smith found him and brought him back to Halo to heal him from the many wounds he suffered. It was there that Naveen hoped to be reunited with his wife.

OOC: Guys...

Belle is so lonely without Adam. She has no one to talk to….. SOMEONE JOIN OUR GROUP AS ADAM! Anyone, I really don’t care. She just needs her snooky-pie…. (Yep, that’s his nickname for her) I don’t care if it’s someone who’s already in the group or not. I just would reallylike someone….