Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go on an adventure with your favorite character? To see the world through their eyes and hold the magic in your own hands and walk through life in their shoes? Well the gates are open and the magic is flowing! All you have to do is have a little bit of wonder, a happy thought, and the courage to take the magic into your own hands.

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Welcome to Disney Roleplay!

From now, until January 15th, we will be sending instant feedback, if you choose to audition for one of our wishlist characters, (like the King and Queen of Corona.) We will respond as soon as we see it, waiving the usual week-long wait time.

Disney Roleplay (known better as DRP) is one of Tumblr’s oldest, still running roleplay groups and we’re looking to welcome new players to our long list of needed-to-be-filled characters!

If you’ve ever wanted to party with a host of characters, from any film, from all Disney’s worlds, this is the place for you!

DRP is unique in that we have no set plot - our players create group-wide plots together allowing for them to build their characters in ways they couldn’t elsewhere. Here at DRP, character rivalries, friendships, and romances bloom between the most unexpected of characters. So if this sounds like the thing for you, please come on down and join us here at DRP! We’d be happy to have you be a part of the family!

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(The King and Queen of Corona have been requested by Disney Roleplay’s Flynn Rider. Check out his blog!)

Good Morning, Good Morning! It's Monday! You know what that means?!

That’s right! It’s a brand new week for auditions for CREATIVE DISNEY ROLEPLAY! We’re a super chill group filled with some super chill people and some straight up fantastic writers! We’re a pretty small family right now, but we’re looking to expand. You know that means? TONS OF OPEN CHARACTERS!

It would mean a ton to me if you would check out the group page, the rules, and the masterlist and maybe consider joining us! 

We’ve had some people asking for a Jim Hawkins, plenty of people rp as the only character from their movie and would probably love some people to plot with and expand headcanons! We’ve also just opened up auditions for FROZEN and MONSTERS UNIVERSITY characters. Our Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff would love some more characters.

Personally? I’d love to see the Banks children or maybe Miss Andrew (she’s the evil nanny from the stage musical and it would be fun to plot some drama uwu) But really, I want to see the group grow! 

TL;DR: CDRP is super fly and the people are super fly and you should join us because we would love to see you.


Luke Austin Burke->19/collage->Descent: Jessie and Buzz Lightyear->Hutch Dano->TAKEN

Luke is the youngest of the triplets, but that doesn't mean he is any less buck-wild. He’s a cowboy a heart and loves the farm, working hard with his family and keeping it going. His older twins sometimes treat him like a baby, even though he is, but he doesn't mind, he thinks he can get away with more that way.

He love to wrestle with his siblings in their down time and most of the time, his sister beats them. Not cause they let her, but because she is good. Nonetheless, Luke still wants to a world famous wrestler. He dreams of being in the middle of the ring in a sold out stadium with everyone chanting his name. 

After his mothers death, he started looking up to his older twins, even tho they are only a few minutes older. He mostly looks up to his sister since she had been a mother figure to him for the past 5 years and also cause she is like a mini clone of their mother.

Relations: Bluebell (Older Twin Sister), Maverick (Older Twin Brother)

World of Color Roleplay is a para-based group for Disney characters. There are plenty of characters available, just waiting to be snatched up.
                No auditions necessary! What are you waiting for?

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Damia Janice Vincent-> 21/collage->Descent: Jafar and Mirage->Mila Kunis->OPEN 

Compared her younger brother, she makes him look like an angel. Damia was born with a “black heart” and rather enjoys that saying. She loves to be the “Queen Bee” and no one will get in her way.

Damia has one thing going for her, her looks. She can get any guy to do anything for her and she not afraid to use her good looks. All throughout out her middle school and high school career she never lifted a finger. She got the smartest boy in the class to do all her work. Whenever she got into trouble she would turn on the water works and get out of it fast. Damia knows how to work people well, even her brother. With girls, it’s a different story. She loves to make them cry, it brings a sick joyful smile to her face.

Damia dose have a soft spot, but it’s only for animals. She loves them, but most of all her red parrot, Cherry. The bird is almost always at her side.

Relationships: Brent (Younger Brother)


This is a fun, well done, creative roleplay group with friendly, active and talented members. Expect many events, including a Winter Ball in the very near future. However, if we want to keep it going, we really need more members!

If you think you may be interested in playing any of the following characters, click here!

Flynn Rider


Kristoff Bjorgman





E. Aster Bunnymund


Cooper Harrison Kingsley->16->Descent: Faline and Bambi->Nick Jonas->OPEN

Cooper is level headed one of the family. He’s not one to go out and party but that doesn't mean doesn't know how to let lose and have fun. When he’s not studying hes most likely hanging out with his brother and cousin.

Him and his brother, Franklin along with their cousin Hope have always been close. They love to mess around and with each other, their like brothers. He sometimes joins in with his family and friends and their music.

Cooper is very protect of his little sister and his older brother makes him wanna rip his hair out every now and then. Franklin tends to act like the youngest, it bothers Cooper that he doesn’t act like the adult he should be.

Relationships: Aiyana (Younger Sister), Franklin (Older Brother) Brynn (Cousin), Hopeful (Cousin), and Blessing (Cousin)

[Meme] Send Me “See you at camp!” and I Will Roll For a Prompt


Pack your sleeping bags and bug spray, everybody, because it’s time to head off to SUMMER CAMP! If you would like to start some summer camp themed Mini-RPs with your fellow writers, reblog this post so everyone knows you’re participating! 

This Summer Camp Meme Game is designed for Mini-RPs, which should be no longer than 8 - 14 posts total, but you can make your stories as long and as intricate as you like, if you and your partner both want to!

Just send a participating player an Ask saying, “See you at camp!” to get started.

You can use this RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR to pick a random Mini-RP starter, numbered 1 through 35, and then get creative!

Now remember, listen to your teacher and no fighting, play nice with the other kids, unless, of course, one of the other kids wanna fight, then you have to kick the other kid’s butt! 

~ Disney Roleplay 

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Eirwen Julienne Frost->17/Junior->Descent: Periwinkle->AnnaSophia Robb->TAKEN

Right from the moment she first opened her eyes, life was way too real for Eirwen’s fable heart. That’s why she is usually daydreaming, lost in her own world of fantasy, and it’s normal from her to blank out even in the most inadequate situations. She’ll be sweet and kind if you get to know her, but mostly because that’s what she thinks people expect from her, for she haven’t really explored her personality and who she really is. From the outside, people who Julie has never spoken a word to perceive coldness in her as she’s shy and not that talkative. Will she be able to step out and get to know, not only the world she lives in, but also herself?

Even though back at home she simply loves ice, snow and anything related to it when visiting her cousins (descendants of Tinkerbell and Terence) hot weather is a pleasure for her. Going to the beach is one of her biggest dreams as in the TV she loves the sight of it. The waves in the sea, the sun over the sand, it’s just a completely different world for her. Although she’d love to see her dream come true deeply inside she knows she would always choose cold, as it reminds her of her family and loved ones.

Relations: Agatha (Cousin)


Name: Yzma | Movie: Emperor’s New Groove | Alliance: Sin | Taken

Having always been rather fond of gentetics, Yzma had a mad scienctist quality to her. She had made it a hobby to capture anything–ranging from wild animals to human prey–and turning them into monsters with a few genetic mutations. Until the government found and captured her for it. Before they had the change to execute her, Hades came to her rescue, offering her life if she created hellish creatures for Sin. Very eagerly, she took that offer and is now working very hard to fulfil her debt.


Amity Lheia MacLean->17/Senior->Descent: Merida->Saoirse Ronan->TAKEN

Amity is a little mischievous trouble-maker, but she can be a little angel as well! Honestly! She just has that sense of adventure from her mother, wanting to venture into the unknown and discover new things. 

Problem is that she’s not as fearless as she sounds. Just going off and finding something exciting to do and pulling pranks are two entirely different things. If she pulls pranks, she always makes sure she’s near safety (and a hiding spot). Being out in the open is a lot scarier than it sounds, and she hopes that one day she’ll get over that fear. Maybe she’s just scared of going out alone. One time she did, and she was almost kidnapped. That could explain things. But after reading so many fantasy books on adventure, she can’t tell which side of her is stronger: stepping out of her comfort zone or not.

And if she did, there’s one skill from her mum that she wished she had— the ability to shoot an arrow. Other weapons, even though she’s decent enough with handling them, just wouldn’t suffice. She wants to wield a bow just like her mum, who she looks up to. Maybe if she could finally shoot a bullseye, she’ll feel a lot braver. 

But overall, she’s (temporarily) happy with staying indoors and having adventures from there.

Relations: Torri (Older sister)