Last night there was a candlelight vigil held at the Magic Kingdom at park close to honor the victims of the Pulse massacre. It was unofficial and not sponsored by Disney in any way. And yet, Disney showed their solidarity and respects in a uniquely Disney way. 

 After the nightly “Kiss Goodnight,” the atmosphere music was shut off and all of Main Street was cloaked in dead silence as hundreds of people held candles, phones, and glow sticks into the air. And then, in an unexpected show of support, the colors of the castle changed from red to yellow, then green and blue and finally purple. 

 Disney also allowed working cast members to attend in costume and even shut down a few of the Main Street shops. Emporium cast members, who lost one of their own in the shooting, stood directly in front of the castle with a heart made of glow sticks. Inside the heart, among the candles, were trinkets and small things that cast and guests left to show their respects such as stickers, celebration buttons, maps, even Photopass cards and Mickey ears. 

 As guests exited the park, they were handed rainbow Mickey pins or Mickey love pins by working cast members. And cast members who left through the tunnels were handed rainbow Mickey antenna toppers. 

 I cannot put into words how comforting and important it is to see Disney showing their support for the LGBT+ community. They didn’t have to acknowledge the vigil at all but they did and they made it more magical than anyone expected.


Hey Tumblr
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Pirates of the Caribbean receiving an update. 

From the Disney Parks Blog

Walt Disney Imagineering dropped us a line today to let us know that something from the most recent film, “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,” is about to be added to the attraction here at Walt Disney World Resort. 


I think it’s great that Disney wants to spend money plussing attractions, but in this situation I’m a little disappointed that even more money is being shoved at an attraction that doesn’t need anything when other attractions in the Magic Kingdom are in desperate need for refurbishments or updates.

I don’t see why it makes sense to put time and effort making changes to an already “good” attraction that doesn’t need an update. Pirates of the Caribbean received a major refurbishment in 2006 and a minor update last year.  The Haunted Mansion recieved a Major refurbishment in 2007 (that was needed) however in the past year they’ve added new effects and an interactive queue that again are very nice.  Test Track, possibly the only attraction in Future World that is a quality attraction and popular with guests is receiving a major refurbishment this year (Granted this is due to the Sponsor requesting it).

It’s great that Disney is updating the rides, but here is the problem I have.  Stich’s Great Escape (arguably the worst Disney attraction ever created) is 8 years old, yet is still sitting in Tomorrowland desperately needing a replacement. The final scene in Carousel of Progress has been letting us know that the future lies in “Laser Discs” for about 18 years.  Ellen DeGeneres has been pulling out a cell phone the size of a brick in Ellen’s Energy at EPCOT for the past 16 years. The Wonders of Life building sits vacant at EPCOT with planters set up in front of it. At Disney Hollywood Studios the backlot tour attraction now consists of driving past parking lots, office trailers and cast member costuming and the rehearsal area for Lights Motors action (a show which is wildly unpopular and only being put on twice a day). A large portion of the effects on Dinosaur at Animal Kingdom haven’t been working in years, not to mention that NONE of the special effects on Expedition Everest have worked in the past 5 years let alone the Yeti.  In all of the parks areas once utilized for attractions sit vacant behind planters.

But yet money is being spent on something that is fine.  It’s a bit disheartening.

Do you agree or disagree with my views?  Comment or let me know your thoughts!