The Descendants tag has been a little slow lately, so here is a random assortment of headcanons I discussed with @panslantern:

- Mal joins art club or takes multiple art classes and learns that she loves using watercolor paints. There’s just something about them that seems more delicate and soft and it’s such a change from spray paint. She can’t sculpt for crap, though, so when Jay can sculpt and shape clay extremely well she’s a little jealous.

- Carlos still gets nightmares about the Isle. He often wakes up in the early hours of the morning in a cold sweat and thinks he’s back on Isle. It takes him a while regain his bearings, and he’ll lay stock still and hold his breath until he finally comes back to himself. Carlos has gotten into the habit of recounting the events of the day before to ground himself and remind himself that he’s in Auradon and that he doesn’t have to go back to the Isle or Cruella ever again.

- Ben gardens. He loves to garden. Something about cultivating the earth and growing something from so small of a seed is extremely rewarding. He loves reaping the fruits (well, usually vegetables) or his labor and sharing them with everyone.

- I feel like Audrey would have taken ballet from a very young age so she’s crazy graceful and has an insane amount of core strength and flexibility.

- Doug wanted to go to Auradon Prep mostly to get away from his family. Don’t get him wrong, he loves them and everything, but he just needed to get away, get some new experiences. He probably learned how to play his trumpet at the school and immersed himself in music (that wasn’t his uncles’ work song) bc he never got to work with real instruments before. He almost failed his first semester at the prep school because of it, but then he got his grades back up and really did much better academically when he put his mind to it.

- Evie gets into the school’s theater program and she absolutely loves it. The other students were a little hesitant about letting her join, but after FG intervened they let her in. She is able to scarily get into character, especially when it’s a villain role. She had her whole life to pretend to be someone she’s not, so getting a role where all the lines are written out for her was a piece of cake.

- Jay is surprisingly good at math, at least the straightforward aspects of it. He’s able to quickly juggle numbers in his head, probably due to stealing and assessing how much he’d make from the goods back on the Isle. He doesn’t get the point of trig or calculus though, and using things like sin or cos or tan just confuses him, especially problems that deal with with e^x or ln.

- Mal is great at courses that require memorization, especially history. She often draws from the past to help her deal with current situations and uses historical figures and their successes and failures to help make decisions. She has an very high interest in taking a course dealing with past wars and the strategies used, but the school is a little hesitant in letting her take it.

- Chad is actually a very good singer, except he’s super embarrassed about it so he doesn’t tell anyone and purposely sings bad in public. The only time he does let himself sing normally is when he knows he’s completely alone or when he’s back at his own castle and in the tub.

- Lonnie has a knack for finding things. Be it lost phones or misplaced homework, she’s pretty good at locating them. She’s even been able to accidentally find secret passage ways when she goes to her friends’ castles, even when her friends themselves didn’t know they were there. It oftentimes leads to her leading an expedition to see where they go. A lot of the time they were old escape routes, and she and whoever she’s with will end up outside the castle.

- Jane knows how to knit, and she will often make comfy scarves and hats for when the weather gets cold. She makes them for the few friends they have, and they’re actually pretty cute so they don’t mind wearing the articles. FG has many knit pieces from her daughter and proudly wears them whenever the temperature starts dropping.

- Evie knows how to make a weapon out of almost anything, especially the mundane. Back in the Isle she was involved in more than her fair share of fights (especially after she became friends with Mal) and learned how to make unassuming objects into dangerous weapons astonishingly fast.

- Carlos picked up a book on origami before simply because he didn’t know what it was. It took him a while to get used to folding things so precisely, but after a while it became muscle memory and he can almost do it without looking. He’s made a ton of paper stars and they’re littered all around and on his bed due to the fact that he’ll start making them when he’s nervous or thinking really hard, and he’ll just leave them on his blankets.

- Sometimes the core four will be mentally or physically exhausted, so they’ll all congregate in one room and lean against each other and either chill in silence or have hushed conversation about simple things.