this is one of my favorite pictures of the trip!!! Gaston was soooo charming. When he saw my birthday pin, he said, “I have a surprise for you, close your eyes!” so I did…when I opened them, he had stepped so close to me to show off all his muscles! This picture was snapped right after. Me and Abi definitely left the park that day Bimbettes. Very Dreamy.

I’m going to Disneyland this summer! Yay! Disney! Summer! Funfunfun!

Buuuut I need to raise a little bit of money because next year I have to buy paint and books and stuff, so I can’t dip into my savings too much. So I’m opening up commissions. Unfortunately these are limited to fandom only, because I really suck at drawing OCs, sorry.



  • Sketchbook page: £3 for an A5 page, £4 for an A4, limited to 2 characters per page. No extra charge for 2 characters. These can’t be sent to you, so will be sent digitally. Examples: Toothless sketches (A4) || Jim and Erin (A5) || Heffa and Sugarcube (A4)
  • Watercolour postcard: £4 each. These are limited to HTTYD dragon paintings only, £1 for an extra character (dragon or human). I can either send them to you (packaged up, because they won’t survive the transit to the US or the rest of Europe) or scan them in. To be sent them, postage will be charged as extra. Examples: Toothless and Hiccup || Toothless roar (2 postcards in size)


  • Unless I know about your OCs, I really think it would be better to stick to fandom, because I honestly find it really hard and they all come out looking a little shitty.
  • Nothing hardcore weird. You know what’s good and what isn’t.
  • Paypal payment only, I’m afraid.
  • Finished coms will be sent to you by email, and will also be posted on my tumblr (and possibly my portfolio tumblr) unless you specify otherwise.
  • Please send me a fan mail if you are interested, as they are easier to manage than asks.
  • Full payment must be made to secure the coms. Sorry, I’ve had bad experiences with people scamming me. I will send you a preview when I am done with the com to check that everything is ok, and then I’ll send the final version once we have agreed that everything is finished up :)

I’m so excited for this trip and I’d love to be able to save a bit of money through commissions. Thanks for reading, and if you have any other questions, drop me a line :)

Okay I can’t resist these bows are so damn cute here we go again