Top 5 Ships Meme

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1. Hiccup and Astrid

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2. Sheldon and Amy

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3. Amy Pond and Rory Williams

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4. Alice and Mad Hatter (Tim Burton’s version only)

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5. Robert and Gisele

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Ariel by disneylori


Favorite Disney Wardrobes- Giselle from Enchanted


  • It’s a spoof of how naive and gullible the early princesses are?
  • But it’s also a really really great homage to Disney?
  • Like literally it’s Disney’s beautiful love note to itself.
  • There are so many references to other Disney movies!
  • I mean there are literally so many references that it has its own Wikipedia page:
  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Disney_references_in_Enchanted
  • The movie’s hilarious!
  • Downright hilarious!
  • Just go watch this scene okay?
  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRYU4cqUAUs 
  • But it’s also a genuinely sweet romantic story on it’s own
  • The main character was divorced from his wife!
  • Do you know how rare that its in a Disney movie?
  • And she walked out on him!
  • And he’s given up on love.
  • And he’s a divorce attorney.
  • And he’s trying to be a good father for his daughter.
  • And then Giselle genuinely brings happiness and love to their household
  • Which contrasts Nancy, who is formal and boring.
  • But like Giselle still loves her. She loves everyone. 
  • And Nancy still gets a happy ending!
  • And the buildup of the romance between Robert and Giselle!
  • That scene where they’re dancing to ‘So Close’?
  • God, I love that scene!
  • And that scene beforehand where Giselle and Morgan are genuinely bonding like a mother and daughter!
  • This movie!
  • This MOVIE!
Trying to explain TOK to Non-IB students...

“What do you learn in TOK?”

“… Okay, so what about those things, the ‘Ways of Knowing’? What’s that all about?”

“So, does this means that 'emotion, language, perception and reasons’ are …”

“I’m still confused… by all of this… and I’m already super stressed and sleep deprived…”

… you’re doing the IB ~ !

:3 Basically.

(Enchanted © Disney)


In Enchanted, Jodi Benson (Ariel), Paige O'Hara (Belle), and Judy Kuhn (Pocahontas) each have a cameo. Jody Benson plays Sam, Robert’s secretary. In the office scene with Giselle, Giselle is first scene gazing into the fish tank. In the background, you can hear part of of the melody from “Part of Your World”. When Prince Edward is watching TV at the hotel, he finds a channel where a man and woman are arguing. The woman is Paige O'Hara, and you can also hear the beginning of “Beauty and the Beast” played. Judy Kuhn’s cameo is when Prince Edward is searching the apartments for Giselle; she is the woman with several children and says “You’re too late.”

Okay but a HoO Enchanted AU, with a mix of mythology and fairytale references??

  • Where the demigods (or maybe minor gods??) Annabeth and Jason seem so perfectly suited for each other, obviously they’re made for a fairytale romance in Olympus.
  • But Jason’s stepmother Hera hates Annabeth and sends her to Earth, where the monsters who do Hera’s bidding should be able to get rid of her with relative ease.
  • Annabeth isn’t beaten that easily though. She escapes the first round of monsters but ends up hopelessly lost.
  • Percy Jackson sees her scaling a billboard (to get a better vantage point) and assumes she’s in trouble. In the process of trying to save her, he causes her to lose concentration and fall - right on top of him. “One of the many reasons I hate heights,” he says.
  • Percy takes her home, because he’s not going to leave a poor girl in a torn up dress alone on the mean streets of New York.
  • When it becomes apparent that she can’t be trusted alone in his apartment (she keeps building miniature cities out of everything she can get her hands on), Percy takes her with him to his job as a teacher; where her stories rile the kids up a little bit too much.
  • He almost tells her she needs to leave, but the absolute awe in her eyes as they walk around New York makes him breathless, and he’s way too much of a softie, anyway.
  • He gives her the teasing nickname of Princess.
  • Meanwhile, Jason has gone looking for Annabeth, aided by their friends: one of whom is actually a spy working for Hera, thwarting him every time he gets close to finding Annabeth.
  • Percy has an absolutely epic bromance with Piper, which Annabeth keeps confusing for romantic love, leading to many hilarious misunderstandings and Piper making snide remarks about Percy being so clueless he wouldn’t recognise true love if it hit him in the face (cue Annabeth accidentally punching him).
  • No one has ever infuriated Annabeth like Percy does, and sometimes she wants to judo flip him, and sometimes she wants to kiss him…
  • Oh dear.
  • Jason is a charming hero, though, so of course he eventually finds Annabeth and sweeps in to take her back home where they can get married immediately.
  • Annabeth feels confused though, for the first time in her life. She asks Jason to take her on a date, because that’s what Percy said couples do, and Jason, ever the perfect gentleman, agrees.
  • Their date is meant to end at the Gods and Goddesses Ball.
  • Annabeth goes to Piper for help getting ready. Cue amazing bonding while shopping montage, because it turns out Piper hates shopping way more than Annabeth and is hopeless for most of the trip.
  • Until they have this big heart to heart about Percy and Piper realises Annabeth loves him as much as he loves her, and Piper determines that she’s gonna get them together.
  • Annabeth is absolutely stunning at the ball. Percy realises just how much he really loves her, but he still believes she’s going to go home with Jason, so he doesn’t tell her, because he can’t bear the thought of that rejection.
  • Then there’s a mishap with a golden apple, and Annabeth needs to be awoken by True Loves Kiss™.
  • Jason is unsuccessful, and Percy fully expects him to be furious - but instead he’s just desperate for Annabeth to be saved, and begs Percy to kiss her.
  • He does.
  • She wakes up.
  • Hera is furious and arrives to smite them herself; but Annabeth and Jason are trained warriors, Piper makes up for lack of training with pure guts, and now that he knows how she feels there’s no way Percy is ever letting Annabeth go. Plus he’s rather fond of NYC and doesn’t want to see it blasted off the map.
  • There’s an epic battle atop the Empire State Building, that begins with all of them fighting the goddess, dwindles to just Percy and Annabeth, and then leaves Annabeth to face Hera alone.
  • She outwits her, outmatches her, and takes the goddess down.
  • And then Percy slides down the roof and falls on top of Annabeth.
  • And it’s pretty much the best kiss in the rain of all time.
  • Jason looks strangely familiar to Piper. She’s still trying to figure out where she knows him from when they run back to Olympus for their own fairytale wedding.
  • Annabeth goes to school to study Architecture.
  • Percy writes a best selling children’s book about a princess from another dimension who defends Earth from monsters.
  • And they live Happily Ever After.