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8/21/2016: After the end of their series, Gravity Falls, twins Dipper and Mabel Pines begin to hit the books in the Toontown library/historical society. Interested in the occult and weirdness thanks to the roles they played on TV, they both devoted themselves to the study and art of toon physics. It’s normal to most older toons, but for some of the newer ones who have little to no comedic timing (character actors who, for all their paint or pixels, are as about as Toony as a human is), they’re fascinated by the natural laws that govern the animated world they live in. Kudos to the kids! It’s a noble calling, for we need more toon physicists. Who better than them? We can’t make heads nor tails of toon physics, and we live our lives by them! -Greasy

Daily Toony Circumstance

The solar eclipse is all anybody’s talking about. We didn’t see it at the exact time it happened…but we saw the before and after. Especially the after. Toon roosters everywhere started to crow once the eclipse was over. At the same time. For over an hour. -Smartass


Okay, you see this? These are jacket cover/inside cover of a book called “The Beast Within” written by Serena Valentino, who wrote other Disney books that are so amazing. I purchased her first Disney book in the Germany Pavilion in Epcot a few years ago and have bought every other book of hers since. But lemme tell you why this one is my favorite:

Not only is “Beauty and the Beast” one of my favorite films of all time, but the Beast is one of my favorite characters in any film. And this book makes him seem so much more understandable. It’s written in his perspective and there’s literally a scene where he’s so close to being an actual monster that he goes out to kill Belle after she runs away from him.

Did you hear me?


Of course, he fights the wolves that attack her because in his mind, he’s like “wait I can redeem my human status still” while the beast side is literally chanting “RIP THE FLESH OPEN AND SPILL HER BLOOD EVERYWHERE ALL OVER THE SNOW COVERED GROUND”.

Let me tell you, this book is so good. And it gives more backstory to Gaston (who is, as you guessed, one of my favorite Disney villains).

If you enjoyed the 2017 version of “Beauty and the Beast”, you’ll enjoy this book. It’s different than the film, but just as good, in my opinion.


The pins from the final set in the Disney villains series were released, and they’re all gorgeous!

Sources for the pictures:

Hans, Oogie Boogie, Bowler Hat Guy, four pins, the whole set.

Far off places, daring sword fights, magic spells… princesses in disguise!✨👑✨

Ursula is the best Disney villain. She doesn’t do what she does to take over a kingdom, she just does it cause she enjoys it and happens to get a chance to do it to the daughter of a king she doesn’t like. And what is the thing she does? Use poorly constructed contracts to trap mermaids and turn them into worm people for her worm people garden. Not slaves or anything useful like furniture, just sad worm people that sit in her house and be sad. What a bizarrely specific form of chaos