Why I love villains

Traits I like/identify with in a character:

● Dark sense of humor

● Will do almost anything to meet their goals

● Smarter than most

● Questionable morals/Makes people think about their own morality

● Unpredictable, keeps the audience guessing about their next move

● Emotional conflict gets hinted at rather than explained outright

● Charming and charismatic

Characters these traits are most commonly found in:

● Villains


HAPPY VILLAINTINE’S DAY!!! This year on February 14, show your Disney loving friends and family how much you care with their favorite Disney Villain! They may look cute but they still have some not so sweet things to say! I hope you enjoy them and share them with your friends! <3

The signs as Disney villains
  • Aries:Captain Hook
  • Taurus:Mother Gothel
  • Gemini:Cruella de Vil
  • Cancer:Queen of Hearts
  • Leo:Malecfiecent
  • Virgo:Yzma
  • Libra:Cinderella's stepsisters
  • Scorpio:Jafar
  • Sagittarius:The guy who killed Bambi's mother
  • Capricorn:Hades
  • Aquarius:Scar
  • Pisces:Ursula