Why I love villains

Traits I like/identify with in a character:

● Dark sense of humor

● Will do almost anything to meet their goals

● Smarter than most

● Questionable morals/Makes people think about their own morality

● Unpredictable, keeps the audience guessing about their next move

● Emotional conflict gets hinted at rather than explained outright

● Charming and charismatic

Characters these traits are most commonly found in:

● Villains

The signs as Disney villains
  • Aries:Captain Hook
  • Taurus:Mother Gothel
  • Gemini:Cruella de Vil
  • Cancer:Queen of Hearts
  • Leo:Malecfiecent
  • Virgo:Yzma
  • Libra:Cinderella's stepsisters
  • Scorpio:Jafar
  • Sagittarius:The guy who killed Bambi's mother
  • Capricorn:Hades
  • Aquarius:Scar
  • Pisces:Ursula