Disney shorts

“Despite the success of Frozen (2013), the not-quite-short film Olaf’s Frozen Adventure (2017) received serious complaints from moviegoers in México for its longer than usual length, subpar quality compared to the source material, and it being a nonstop 21 minute long, Christmas-themed musical number. Complaints were so numerous that the two largest movie theatre chains in the country opted to stop showing the Frozen short film before the movie just a week after opening day.”

We did that. You could do that too.

New Art at TVA includes some Disney TV Animation characters hugging you

Photo: Nico Colaleo


Some designs from “Three legged Race.” I drew most of the Minnie and Daisys this episode but I did get to do one of the Mars robot! Ah! Such a fun design. And for some reason, I draw all the Scrooge whenever he shows up in the shorts. I am the Scrooge master at this point.