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A New Take on Princess Ariel

I decided to give her crutches as her disability for obvious reasons. She was born with a tail. She had never used legs before in her life. It’s not outside the realm of possibility that those legs don’t work quite right. I like that she’s smiling because it shows that despite her disability, she’s still determined.


I’m holding a contest until July 1st, 2015 for people to submit their best drawings/paintings/digital art/etc. of a princess with a disability. This can be an official princess redesigned with a disability OR an original princess! This contest is not officially affiliated with Disney. However, the goal is that the fanart will be used to boost the petition so that Disney may one day see it! For more information, see the official post:



Historically Accurate Disney Princesses:

Snow White: 
-Mid to late 1500s Germany
-Religious reformations affected women’s garments, which were heavy, dark, and austere
- 300s Arabian Peninsula 
- Pre-Islamic Arabia was a modest society, so women wore loose, shapeless clothing
- 1920s New Orleans, USA
- Although New Orleans was an epicenter of black culture, Jim Crow laws enforced racial segregation 
- 1300s England
-Aurora was raised as a peasant before discovering she was a princess; although noblewomen were better educated, they led far more restricted lives than peasant women
- Early 1600s Virginia, USA
- Powhatan women decorated their skin with tattoos and rarely covered their breasts 
- 1700s France
- Belle married into royalty, who dressed extravagantly to display their status; the aristocracy was overthrown during the French Revolution