Snow White by EatThisLight

X-men's favourite Disney princesses

Charles – Cinderella, for never giving up on her dreams, no matter how bad her situation.

Eric- Mulan, for her fighting ability and shear bad assery.

Hank- belle, for her intelligence, and her ability to not judge a book by its cover.

Alex – meg, despite her past mistakes she still has a good heart, and she’s sarcastic as hell.

Raven –Ariel, for striving for greatness and wanting more for herself .

Peter – Anna, for her goofiness and love for her sister.

Scott- Pocahontas, for her loyalty and fairness.

Kurt – Tiana, for understanding that dreams take work, and believing that she can achieve them.

Jean –merida, for going against tradition, and being her own hero.

Ororo – jasmine, for her independence and sense of adventure

Warren- Elsa, despite her struggles, she comes through for her sister.

Jubilee – snow white, for her ability to never stop believing that things will get better


Rapunzel by EatThisLight


The Zaibatsu goes through the crust of the crap to decide once and for all which Disney Princess ranks shit tier.


Tabebuias + Tiana by Jackie Nell
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Website | Facebook | Tumblr | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube 60/366 It’s leap day! I loved the energy of this photo so much that I had to post it today. It’s also the most wonderful time of the year - Disneyland is in full bloom, which makes for some beautifully pastel photographic opportunities! The Tabebuia trees only last for a couple of weeks at the parks, but when they’re in full bloom, there’s nothing quite like them! Thanks for your views, comments, and favorites!


Emma Watson as Belle

I did this edit way back in April 2015 after I first learned that Emma Watson was cast in Disney’s live action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. Belle has always been my favorite Disney princess and Hermione my favorite Harry Potter character and Emma one of my favorite actresses so it’s a triple treat! Edited again in celebration of the upcoming Trailer release!