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It’s insufferable when people compare Disney films that are from different eras. When people start comparing, in general, just says that any film can’t be appreciated for what it is if it’s not this movie or that. This is even more egregious amongst the princess movies, especially with regards to the newer films to the older ones. It’s exhausting to see and it goes nowhere fast.


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New study shows that Disney princesses don’t get to talk in their own movies

Although they’ve been criticized for reinforcing conventional gender roles, Disney’s princess line is nevertheless the most high-profile female-led franchise of all time. And while Disney has gotten praise for creating more progressive princesses starting in the ’90s, a new study complicates the idea of Disney’s evolution: In almost every Disney princess film since 1989, the study finds, male characters get significantly more speaking time than female ones. The data comes from linguists Carmen Fought and Karen Eisenhauer, who previewed their ongoing study at recent conference. The Washington Post has a detailed breakdown of their findings.

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