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Wouldn’t it be awesome if Moana got a TV series like Tangled and Big Hero 6?

The movie ends with Moana and her entire village leaving Motunui and returning to their voyaging ways, so the show could be about them sailing and exploring new islands. Maui would drop in often and come and go as he pleases, and more characters from his past could be revealed, as well as new friends and enemies Moana meets on her journeys. Gods, monsters, heroes, villains, etc, all from the cultures of the islands they come from.

The show could also develop some of the characters from Moana’s island; her parents and Gramma Tala, other villagers she grew up with, her ancestors who voyaged before her, etc. Maybe they could visit Te Fiti and Lalotai again, too. And of course everybody’s fan favorite Tamatoa could come back.

Also if the show was in the same 2D style as the Tangled and Big Hero 6 shows, it would look gorgeous.


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Steph Lew

The fact that Moana put aside her longing for the sea in order to focus on becoming the best leader she could for her people was one of the best and most believable parts of the movie for me. She didn’t mope and turn into a bratty teenager who refused to do what her parents wanted (like many Disney/animated characters often do). People DO grow out of childhood fazes, or at least they move on from them even if they’re not completely forgotten. Sometimes they rediscover them later in life, like Moana did. But I love how her parents were never made to be the villains for not letting her spend all day daydreaming about the ocean. Sure, she argued with her dad, but they gave him a pretty good backstory to support his thinking and Moana never let it become a huge rift in their relationship, despite her frustration. Even when Moana DID end up leaving, it was ultimately to save her people. This theme of responsibility instead of rebellion is wonderfully refreshing and realistic!