I’m sick of this.

Marvel Studios just released three new Captain Marvel posters and…

Specifically in this one, people are saying “can she change her facial expression” “can she smile”… well… i’m here to make a fucking point, cause this is getting ridiculous.

Let’s start.

With Iron Man

Do you guys see RDJ smiling? No.

But even better.. do you see Gwyneth Paltrow smiling… NO!. Did anybody say something? NO!

But yeah, people will say, she is a side character, not that importan… BITCH PLEASE. But let’s continue with:

Thor Ragnarok

Is Thor smiling? NO… not even Cate Blanchett is smiling… not even Tessa Thompson for Christ Sakes… and no one complained.

I’m not done:

Infinity War

Do I even need to say it?

NO ONE IS SMILING IN THIS POSTER.. I DON’T SEE ANY SIGNS OF TEETH… well… maybe Thanos.. but the HEROES are not smiling

SO? Why is Brie any different? She doesn’t need to smile, or change her facial expressions. Stop criticizing an actress for a POSTER or a simple trailer… she may be emotionless in the trailers, sure… but it surely has a reason. Let’s just watch a movie and experience the bad ass that Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel will be.

Thank you… i’m done.

Take animated movies seriously. My parents called Spiderverse garbage because it was animated. How is that a good gauge for storytelling? And then my dad was so surprised at the amount of animators in the credits. Of course there’s a lot! It can take years to animate a 2 hour movie! Honestly stop people from believing that animation is “only for kids”. So what if an animated movie is for kids? So what if it’s animated? That shouldn’t define the quality of a film. In fact isn’t it better for movies “only for kids” to have good storytelling and morals and real life lessons?

Loki on Twitter: I’ve been told, I’m too negative and hostile towards the avengers. So to all the avengers out there; if my tweets have offended you, I humbly apologize. I honestly didn’t think you could read.