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For the prompt for a fanfic you could write something about douche-baggy Outsider in let's say some fast car like marine blue Lamborghini with three white stripes lying horizontally on the roof with shitty vaporwave blasting on the whole street while Corvo is done ™ plz love ya bye

this is the best ask I’ve ever received thank you

The blue Lamborghini screeched to a halt at the stoplight next to Corvo’s less-than-impressive Toyota. Corvo rolled his eyes at the horizontal white stripes on the roof; it looked like the owner of the car had painted them on himself. 

The driver’s side window of the Lamborghini rolled down, and, honestly, Corvo wasn’t sure what he expected. Green ladder shades hid the driver’s dark, black eyes, and a hat that said “obey” in red and white rested on his head. The sound of LAZERHAWK - SO FAR AWAY was so loud that it shook Corvo’s car. 

“Sup nerd!” The driver shouted over the loud music, “Want some rat powers?”

As soon as the light turned green, Corvo floored it.