Looking for Blogs to Follow

It’s getting to the point again where my dash is dead, so Im looking for some new blogs to follow! If you post any of the following, like/reblog and Ill check your blog out:

- Mass Effect (Andromeda included!)
- Dragon Age
- Fallout
- Dishonored
- Anything video game related, honestly

Looking for a beta reader!

Dishonored, femslash. Post-game High Chaos, where most people are dead. Cecelia/Lizzy Stride, the non-existent pairing that I am determined to make a bang with. Probably to be rated M.

I’m looking mostly for someone who knows the game, digs lore, doesn’t mind some wicked speculation for what happens after the first game, and gives copious amounts of feedback. I’ve got probably about a third of this written so far. Estimating a final length of 40-60k. 

Looking for someone who will stick with me for the long term, who will bug me and come up with theories. :) Looking for a partner, not just a glorified editor. 

If this is you, hit me up bro. ;) We’ll do wonders.