If you’re a fairy, so am I

— corpse husband x reader

synopsis: leaf hat = automatic fairy mode! or jealous corpse!

warnings: none? badly written drabble?

angie’s love note: this is just me projecting my love for the leaf hat :D also the fic itself can be taken as a continuation of “the prettiest flower” or read as a solo piece!

this ones for you bae @loraleiix because tbh I wasn’t going to post it but I saw your comment and said why not!


The question “Are you wearing a flower again today?” flashed on Corpse’s screen.

“Um I’m not too sure, are we wearing flowers today Y/N?” he asked into his mic.

“Yeah Y/N are WE,” teased Toast. He and many others had seen the ever so popular clip of Corpse agreeing to wear a flower for Y/N the first time they played together. How could they not? It was trending on Twitter for over twenty four hours under the hashtag “#flowerfory/n” not to mention all their friends had included the iconic clip in their recent highlight videos, even Corpse himself.

“Actually, this time I wanted to wear the leaf hat, it reminds me of a fairy.” she replied with a matter of fact tone.

“A fairy?” questioned Corpse, while his chat flooded with different reactions.

“Yes sir, see if I wear it I’m growing a little sprout on my head and it’s just so cute!” she replies giggling.

“Well if you’re a fairy, so am I,” he replied, clicking on the leaf hat.

“Wait, can I be one too Y/N?” asked Sykkuno.

“Yea-” started Y/N before she was cut off by Corpse’s loud voice.

“Nope,” was all he said before starting the game.

It’s safe to say that night “#jealouscorpse” was trending on Twitter.


this is so bleh but I was in another soft mood after watching Corpse’s newest upload! don’t worry I’m going to write another and it will be longer! i can guarantee it!

i hope people are aware that aoc isn’t just playing among us for fun. she’s also playing it to get her name, and more importantly her personality something that youth are aware of. by the time 2024 rolls around many of us will be able to vote. she’s looking to not only encourage people to vote this time around. she’s planning ahead. i don’t think this is a bad thing. she’s an honest, smart politician and im happy to see her trying something that no one has done before!

theyre talking about how shit healthcare is in america compared to other countries during gamer bladder break

corpse classic

— corpse husband x reader

synopsis: being invited to play with lazar’s interesting bunch of streamer friends goes better than you think!

warnings: cursing, among us character being murdered, and I think that’s all!

general taglist: @flightsandfantasy @annshit @propertyofdindjarin @justanothersilentreader @lazy-little-me @simonsbluee

angie’s love note: lmao remember when I said I wasn’t going to post tonight? yeah oopsie! anyways unpopular opinion but I love lannan so much, he’s so funny and I always feel so bad when they kill him off first-


“Hi everyone! Sorry for joining so late, I was napping,” said a soft accent clad voice.

“Woah ACCENT ALERT! ACCENT ALERT!” screamed Sykkuno.

“How do we possibly have the deepest and softest voices in one chat?” whispered Felix.

“Oi guys this is my good friend Y/N, she may sound sweet and soft but it’s all an act alright,” Lannan’s thick accent spoke through the chat, “one time when we played minecraft she set me melon farm on fire and then killed all my chickens,” he finished, shuddering at the memory.

“You’re still not over that? Also it wasn’t even me! Fresh was with us too you big meanie! You’re just blaming me because you’re mad my melon farm was bigger,” replied Y/N.

“LIAR! YOU MURDERED THEM ALL Y/N! AND I WATCHED IT WITH MY OWN TWO EYES!” he shouted, playful anger seething through him.

“Alright now Lannan, no need to lie on Y/N, we all know she’d never do such thing, she’s practically an angel,” added Muselk.

“A fallen one if any,” taunted Lannan.

“You’re just jealous that my melon farm was better, you big grump!” she retorted.

“Y/N, I mean this in the nicest way possible, your shit talking needs some serious work, I mean "meanie” and “grump”, said Felix shaking his head in fake disappointment.

“Y/N’s too nice to say mean names, last time we played survival mode on minecraft and she refused to kill anything because she "felt bad,” replied Lannan as he started the game.

The red letters spelling out the word “Impostor” flashed upon her screen, a small sigh fell from her lips, although she hated killing her friends, this game was built on it in order to win and Y/N was prepared. Checking once more she noticed her fellow impostor was Toast, and thus the killing spree began.

“Alright guys, the body was outside of electrical. I was on my way to fix lights and there it was,” said Corpse.

“I was in cafe cleaning out the trash, Felix and Sean can vouch for me!” said Toast, quickly trying to establish his alibi. Soon all of them had said their peace and with no evidence, they were forced to skip.

“I’m not too sure who it is, I definitely think one is Toast, been sus of him since the death of Rae but I’m not sure,” said Corpse to his chat, “Wait. Oh okay Y/N just walked in but I’m pretty sure she’s just a crew-” his voice cut off as an animation of his character being stabbed through its eye flashed on his screen. Y/N had just killed him, right in front of Lazar, but that wasn’t just it, she also reported the body herself.

“LANNAN KILLED CORPSE RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!” she screamed, hoping her voice hid the truth.



“Mate. She’s lying! I swear just vote her, and we win! Come on!”

“No if you vote me we lose! Charlie,” Y/N collected herself and steadied her voice, “remember last round when he said he walked in on the kill and supposedly the killer vented but then he couldn’t remember who, it’s obvious it’s him,” she finished, satisfied with her “evidence,” even though she knew she’d been the one he almost saw.

“Okay okay wait, Lazar man, she has some pretty good evidence, tell me why it’s not you,” replied a calm Charlie.

“I can’t man but look okay, Corpse and I, we were in Comms and she walked in killed him, and self reported! She’s a sneaky one I tell you,” he said glaring at Y/N’s character.

“I don’t mean to rush but we have 15 seconds to vote, I’m voting Lannan because I know what I saw,” spoke Y/N into the chat.

“Well I’m voting you! Fucking crazy woman,” yelled Lannan playfully. Soon Charlie’s blue character had a sign to confirm that he had voted. Lannan’s character was ejected and right after the words “Victory” were displayed on everyone’s screen.

“Fuck yeah! Good job Y/N!” said Toast happily.

“She pulled a Corpse classic man, kill in front of another person then blame that person,” said Sean.

“Guess she isn’t such an angel huh,” teased a happy Corpse.

“Oh honey, you have no idea,” she replied, smirk evident in her tone.


another love note: i think this might be one of my favorites ever written just because of the friendship between y/n and lannan (lazarbeam) idk but lmk what you all think!

p.s! thank you for the 300 follows!! it’s insane how big the #handom is! it’s been like 3? maybe 4 days! and we already gained so much I’m such a small time!! so thank you <33

you’re on!

— corpse husband x reader

synopsis: a little competition never hurt anyone, but it might embarrass you.

warnings: cursing I think ?!

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angie’s love notes: this is dedicated to the “corpse simps!” gc :) also a part 2 will be written so don’t fret!


“It’s almost time for HALLOWEEN!” Y/N screamed at her computer screen. “I’m so excited! I’m still not sure what I’m going to be yet but I’m working on it.”

“Mar and I already picked our matching ones, she’s super excited.” said Felix, as he typed in his game code.

“Hey guys! What we discussing?” asked Toast as he joined the call.

“Hey sorry I just woke up,” said yet another new voice, “What’s happening?” he asked aloud.

“Wait, are you two not in the same room or something?”

“Of course not! He’d cheat if we were, even when we aren’t in the same room he still tries to come into the room to see if I’m Impostor or not,” replied Y/N.

“It was one time Y/N, and it was an honest mistake! But hey, we won that round didn’t we?” asked an amused Corpse.

“BECAUSE YOU TOLD THEM I WAS IMPOSTOR WHEN YOU WALKED IN AND SAW MY SCREEN!” she retorted, rolling her eyes playfully.

“Y/N did you say you don’t know what to be for Halloween?”

“Yeah I did, I was planning two costumes but now I’m iffy on them.”

“Why don’t you and Corpse go as Victor and Emily from Corpse Bride? It would be so cute and a nice play on his screen name,” offered Rae.

“I already asked him to do it with me but he said no, because it’s "too cliche and will be expected” but I think he’s mad I could totally pull off an Emily better then his Victor,“ she replied, moving her character to stand next to his.

As the games progressed the topic of Halloween was brought up once again but this time by Toast.

"You know what would be interesting,” he asked a clear tone of mischief could be heard within his ominous words.

“I like the sound of this already,” said Felix.

“Okay so the game could only go about four ways, Corpse and Y/N both get Impostor, they both get crewmate or one gets Impostor and the other gets crewmate. If the first two happen we wait until one gets impostor and whoever wins/loses that round gets to decide what the other will be for Halloween,” he paused, waiting for the reactions of the others.

“So say I get Impostor,” started an intrigued Corpse, “If I don’t get found out, I’ll win and I get to pick her Halloween costume?”

“Yep, and if she a Crewmate that find you out she wins then you two can go as Victor and the dead girl,” Toast confirmed.

“Hey don’t disrespect her! She has a name and it’s Emily! Also I’m in, you’re on babe, if your not afraid of the challenge of course.” A chorus of “Ooo’s” sounded as they waited for Corpse’s reply.

“Get ready to lose baby, and I have the perfect costume for you, how does an inflatable panda suit sound? Or maybe that Taco one I showed you,” his face held the biggest smirk he could muster, and Y/N could hear it. While the others couldn’t tell she knew her boyfriend and was ready to beat him, any means necessary.


the costume ideas were given to me from the gc so thank them because I had a good laugh, other contenders where the olive suit from angus thongs and perfect snogging which I died at

so here’s what I’ve been watching the last few months, bc I don’t really go on tumblr anymore and idk I’ll probably come back now and then but here’s some suggestions/cool stuff that I love rn:

this is all minecraft, most of these ppl also play among us bc who doesn’t lol:

- Dream (youtube and twitch) if you haven’t heard of him already, he’s cool, great minecraft player (his manhunt videos got me HOOKED), funny and entertaining. George (youtube and twitch) and Sapnap (youtube and twitch) are Dream’s friends. They stream sometimes, but imo their yt channels are enough for me. 

-  there’s honestly so many people in Dream’s circle of friends so search stuff up at your own leisure lol. But I will recommend Eret right now (twitch

- if you don’t already know technoblade (youtube), idk what to tell you. subscribe to technoblade. 

- ALSO illumina (youtube and twitch), minecraft speedrunner god, world record holder in like 8 categories at the moment, funny, kind, great community… the best. you think speedrunning would be boring to watch? ohoho, you’d be wrong. no im not a simp what do you mean haha…..

- Benex (youtube and twitch) is another mc speedrunner, his streams are chill vibes

- wallibear (twitch) and hannahxxrose (twitch) are good bed wars players, chill streams 

- the captain ofc (youtube and twitch)

other stuff:

- Disguised Toast (youtube) has all the good among us content with his friends, all his friends are great. Sykkuno (youtube and twitch) simps for Toast and I love him.

- also 5up (youtube and twitch), big brain among us player

- Ross (twitch), if you watch game grumps you know who he is

- I’ve gone back to watching jacksepticeye in 2020…….. worth it

- Spawntaneous (youtube) got that good good rss content

- Simply (youtube) is all about the mario content. sm64 120 star world record holder 

- oh yeah also mcelroys podcasts lmao but that goes without saying I think

there’s def more but any others I would mention are connected to at least another person on this list so you’d end up seeing them anyway. if anyone has suggestions of stuff to watch I’d be down to hear it!! also if u watch something I mentioned and want to chat about it with me PLEASE I’d love to yell about my obsessions :)))

love y’all

i can’t even make rice┊ ༑ ࿐ྂ。

warnings: cursing but make it classy!



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angie’s love note: i was really worried this wouldn’t be good but I think now it came along well! ALSO thank you all so much for the 400+ !! like holy shit my head is SPINNING that so many people enjoy my writing enough to actually follow me!!

fun facts:

- charlie has been subscribed to y/n’s channel since she hit 300k ! She’s currently at 3M (and counting) !!

- so naturally he freaked when he realized who she was :)

- the video toast is referring to is almost six years old, and Y/N has since learned to cook rice, along with many other foods !

- angie (me) has a fav character but I’m not saying who hehe (ik it’s only the first chapter but lmk your fav character so far!)

AA: hey d0nt v0te me off i was d0ing my tasks



AA: it was very squishy 0u0