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Given the recent spoiler/prediction... who do you think might be leaving the show?

I thought that was only an unsubstantiated rumour? We’re talking about the one from tvline.com, right? I remember it as their other prediction, that Trump is going to suffer a coughing fit midway through the second debate (which he will later blame on Hillary’s perfume) made me snigger. :D

But anyway, yes. Y’all probably read speculations based on knowledge how actor contracts work, how long they last, how many seasons they probably cover, and so on–so we’ll approach this question from the plain logic (business pragmatism, or narrative-wise) angle. And our logic says that, no matter how changed  beyond recognition and disfigured, personality-wise or visually (what with her ‘walls down’ and ‘opening up to love’ or however they want us to interpret that garbage) Emma Swan is–there is no Once Upon a Time without her. Some people may dislike JMo, she herself may dislike the show (I personally see less than lackluster acting since the DarkSwan debacle, but it could be both that and the shoddy script–so can you blame her, really?), she may not be the ‘main’ character anymore, and her role may be reduced to Kitsis’ Hook-boner inspired love-interest–but there IS no OUaT without her. Same goes for Regina/Lana (deservedly so, she’s shouldering 75% of all the weight at this point) and unfortunately Hook/Colin (not himself, but rather the fact that the other 25% is Kitsis’ boner for him–and all the Tweens and Twimoms in the audience they’re relying on). Which then takes us to…

Despite most of us probably being all ‘meh’ if either Snow or Charming were gone (thanks to the script of course, and their roles being reduced to way too much running on the spot and a lot of plot-driven dialogues, large part of them useless) they go in package. So while a plot-twist (allegedly) intended for the pilot (Charming dies) could still create a riveting storyline about the consequences and Snow’s state of mind and path after it… nah. They’re proven to be way too cowardly (’cause you know, the Earth would shudder if they made Emma and Regina gay for each other, and Swan Queen emerged from the subtext–and became maintext) to write anything so ‘daring’, such as to break up this ‘iconic’ couple. No matter how boring and useless they both are. Again, thanks to the script. (Or Ginny being way too preoccupied with having children. But that’s none of our business. Result’s the same.) Offering us only one conclusion: babies make you boring and useless, because all you do is run on the spot?

Which leaves us… Rumple and Belle. Rumple who was so brilliantly conceived as a character, given such a complex background story, and was involved (in the true nature of the plotting imp) in everyone’s stories. But who was eventually shat on (narrative wise) by not being given a MINUTE of time with his son, after having plotted/executed a 300+yrs worth of machination to get him back and correct the mistake he once made–when he chose power over love. (It all turned out to be laughably pointless now that they jump realms and timelines as they please, no?) And the brilliant actor portraying him was all but dropped, absolutely underused and underappreciated. Why? Because of Kitsis’ Hook-boner. Because that’s why Neal had to die, didn’t’cha know? So, well. What with Mr. Carlyle not participating in anything anymore really (PR related–cons, interviews and such) our best bet would be that he’s just… doing the least he’s contractually obliged–and probably waiting to hightail, the first chance he gets–onto a project that will use all of his talents and writers who would appreciate them? Also, narrative-wise, it is not like he’s had the healthiest of relationships with Belle anyway, nor their story had any consistency or sense (also, they don’t seem to give enough of a rat’s ass about Rumbelle fans to give them something better, something they deserved for being there since the early beginning–they’re way too minor/irrelevant for them?) and she can fly solo anyway (hell, she did–with that fleeting whatshisname comic-relief-wannabe character?) as Storybrooke gang only needs someone knowledgeable enough to (sarcasm alert) read books, anyway? 

So, yes. If someone leaves… it’d be Rumple. And I’d personally hate it (and will be very angry because as seen above, I used to love him) because I do believe that the character 75% of us (minus Tweens, Twimoms, Kitsis and his boner) would want to see gone–would ONLY be Killian Jones. Namely because, if he was meant to be what he is today (a romantic antihero of sorts, rising up to the role of being ‘the one’ for the Saviour–struggling to be worthy of her and all that crap, as unoriginal as it is) they’ve done a HORRIBLE job of developing and justifying it. And as a result, Emma Swan as we knew and loved–got sacrificed at the altar of… Kitsis’ misogynist boner. Which I’ve now mentioned half dozen times, and am feeling the need to wash myself with antibacterial soap. Because, ew.

And I think the ‘article’ said nine regulars, but if I can’t for the life of me think who the other two are–which means they’re as useful as the 🌲-dude was (which speaking of, good riddance) so… there’s that. I hope I answered your question satisfyingly?


PS. In the end–a general disclaimer of sorts, seeing that as far as we know this ‘spoiler’ was encouraged by those who’d be happy to see JMo jump ship (not for her own sake, but because they’d actually want her gone) and which instigated that fugly JMo vs. Lana skirmish. So, allow me to emphasize: NONE of us here in any way condone pitting actresses against each other, or assumptions of what some celebrity is like privately (from amateur-psych analyses that compare said actresses’ behaviour, affinities and personalities, to assuming what they personally like and/or support) as means of, not explaining their support of their fanbase (or lack of whereof) but immature squabbles about whose fave is superior. We won’t touch those ‘discussions’ with a ten-foot pole, okay? *nods* Okay. Thank you. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming. :)

A Boy Named Hope

You can get as high as you want,
You’ll never prepare for the comedown.
Cloud number 9 can be a home away from home,
But you’ll still lose your footing when the sky falls down.
Apply an ocean full of lotion,
You’ll still feel rough when Medusa turns her head around.
The crippling depression from the end,
Of the lackluster affects from my last smoke session.
Skull cracking and ligaments stressing,
Death would be a blessing.
A sinking feeling like being stuck in quicksand,
Surrounded by a crowd of thieves asking for a hand.
Hammurabi’s irony brought justice to the land,
Isn’t that grand?
Just a stump in the ground tell me what could be better?
Stuck under this rain cloud, I feel the drops patter.
Urgently have to piss, my hearts been weighing on my bladder.
Disfigurement and intestines shifted,
Limbs spread out and root like shops thrifted.
Scooping dirt under my nails until water is sifted.
I think I’ve finally been gifted.
Skin grows tough and pigmented brown,
Trunk stretching sky high I’ll never come down.
Proud to be a tree I’m grateful now,
Thump, crack, timber and I’m back on the ground.

“The Boy Who Was Born With Burnt Out Eyes”

The boy who was born with scabby burnt out eyes,
Hears his mom tell him he’s handsome, but it’s nothing but lies.
She shrieked when he was born, and tried to throw him away
But the boy followed her home, and since has been able to stay.

With no limbs and no nose, he often angrily feels shorted
Every Christmas he asks Santa if he can just be aborted.
But each year he wakes up, and wobbles down the stair
And doesn’t unwrap the gift of death, because Santa doesn’t care :’-/

His head is misshapened, with the puckered skin of a fish
Kids throw coins in his mouth, and then make a wish.
To stay cool in the summers, he secretes a radioactive blue ooze
And his existence was slammed by the local news.

No matter how bad it gets, he never stops and asks himself “why?”
And that’s because he’s a sissy, and the idea makes him cry.
The only logical conclusion is that he’s being punished for a past life
Where he cut the heads off of orphans, and punched his common-law wife.

So each night he dreams, as his mom locks him back up in his cage
That some day he can take advantage of all of this pent up rage.
It won’t be with this body, but he’ll make them all come unfurled…
He’ll just have to wait till his next life till he can murder the world.

Posted 9/27/2012

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  • What I Used To Think Phantom Was About:There once was a kind and musically gifted young man. However, there was a fire at the theatre where he performed and he was tragically disfigured. This turn of fate led him to wear a mask and live underneath the stage, becoming the dark, mysterious, romantic Phantom of the Opera. Eventually, a girl meets the Phantom and falls in love with him. However, her father, who owns the theatre, hates him and doesn't want them to be together.
  • What I Now Know Phantom Is About:Crazy homicidal man kidnaps woman and wants to blow everything up also he can sing good

“Why, you ask, was I bound in chains in this cold and dismal place? Not for any mortal sin, but the wickedness of my abhorrent face!”

Figuring out how to translate the Phantom’s disfigured face has proven a lot more challenging than I expected. Here’s where I’m at so far… and yes, that’s Mads Mikkelsen in the middle of the three rough sketches.