i want to know why hollywood keeps re-making and westernizing successful asian films. can white people just not consume media as it already exists? is there something repulsive about subtitles or unfamiliar asians onscreen??? hollywood needs to get over itself and stop capitalizing off of asian projects especially if they are not even willing to incorporate us into their own framework. like co-opting the success of asian franchises, bastardizing the project through their half-assed understanding of “eastern” themes, and interjecting random white hollywood starlets and erasing asian roles is textbook xenophobia and racism, and just straight up disrespectful towards the people who put in time and effort to amass global attention in a field that most people don’t think we even belong in.

i was trying to figure out why the Free Melania slogans were bothering me and i realized it’s because white people are not only erasing her accountability for supporting trump’s platform, but because they’re also making it seem as though white women would never support trump willingly, well guess what… 53% of you did and it’s time to take accountability for That

Disc of gas around HD 142527

This artist’s impression shows the disc of gas and cosmic dust around the young star HD 142527. Astronomers using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) telescope have seen vast streams of gas flowing across the gap in the disc. These are the first direct observations of these streams, which are expected to be created by giant planets guzzling gas as they grow, and which are a key stage in the birth of giant planets.

Credit: ESO / Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array