Unstoppable California Gas Leak Being Called Worst Catastrophe Since BP Spill

This methane disaster is worse than can be sufficiently described in words, because while it’s estimated well over 100,000 pounds of methane spew into the atmosphere every hour, the leak can’t be halted, at least until spring. Even then, that stoppage depends entirely on the efficacy of a proposed fix — which remains a dubiously open question.

jimmy kimmel: so how was working with each other again after so many years apart?
gillian: we send exactly Two (2) emails Once (0nce) a year
david: [w heart eyes] well me and gillian, us we gillian and I,

don’t ask me about lovers:
i’ve never had one

she was a three am phone call
twenty nine taps on my wrist
thursdays missing from the calendar

she was sneaking out of lessons
panic attacks in the corridor
no one ever has to know about this

she was never quite saying no
sneaking into purple walls
telling all the boys i could never

don’t ask me about lovers:
i’ve only ever known disasters
disaster has only ever known me

—  don’t ask me about lovers // r.e.s

On 8 January 2005, USS San Francisco collided with an uncharted undersea mountain while operating at maximum speed, leaving one dead, Machinist’s Mate Second Class Joseph Allen Ashley, and 99 injured.

The US Navy found Commander Kevin Mooney, the ship’s captain, responsible for the accident, relieving him of his command but without charging him with any crime nor court-martialing him, another six crew members were also reprimanded.

The accident completely destroyed her forward bow section, including the sonar, which had to be replaced by another section from the recently decommissioned USS Honolulu, costing 79 million dollars; however, her pressure hull nor nuclear reactor were compromised. 


While hundreds of guests celebrated the wedding of Keren and Asaf Dror on the 24th of May 2001, the third floor of the venue suddenly collapsed, killing 23 people and injuring 380, in an event that has come to be known as the Versailles Wedding Hall Disaster.  After investigation, it was revealed that a structural design flaw had caused the collapse, as the third floor of the building was originally intended to be the roof, and as such was unable to support the weight of hundreds of people.  The terrifying moment the floor gives way was caught on camera by a wedding guest, and is available to watch online.  The three owners of the hall, and an engineer involved with the construction of the site, were charged with death by negligence and manslaughter, respectively.


Massive landslide in China

The reddish blob in this photo is the edge of a massive landslide in Shenzhen, a city of 7 million people in southeastern China. The landslide was in an industrial area, reportedly occurring on an artificial hill or dump that had been built up over the past few years as material was moved out of the way during construction.

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