> I acquired two new followers. Welcome. I do assume it is because of the fanfic I submitted to Ewdean. If that is the case, I’m a butt and don’t write fanfiction often, especially not supernatural because I haven’t properly watched since season 6. You’d be amazed how much I know about later seasons because of tumblr though. Still, I welcome you to my blog and to derp with me. I’m friendly and approachable. I don’t bite (unless I really like you), but I do lick.

> I said I would post character things last night. It’s still coming. I just wound up sitting on the porch drinking for a few hours. 

> Today is father’s day, so a shout out to all daddies, daddies girls, daddies boys, single mothers pulling double duty, my dad for pulling double duty, older brothers that acted like fathers, and family friends that had a hand in being a father to kids.

> I may write a Supernatural fic about Sam and Dean on father’s day talking about John and Bobby, getting drunk, and then Castiel shows up and there is a whole new truck load of daddy issues and they end up needing more booze.

> That is all.

> You look pretty today.

> Did you do something new with your hair?