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Being a god comes with a large bundle of heightened emotions and Harry honestly wishes that they came with an off switch. Celestial beings are called “celestial” for a reason, after all. They’re abnormally better than any human, and thus they must keep an attitude and air that enforces nothing less, but damn feelings for being able to get in the way so easily at times.

Gods must be calm and collected under the most extraneous situations, they must rule with an iron fist, and most importantly, they must forbid emotions from deterring them in any way. He’s not saying that he hates feeling emotions more intensely; some are worth the toil. Pleasure, for example, is felt tenfold what any human could handle and he can almost say that this alone makes the troubles worth it. But it’s moments such as now that bring forward overpowering feelings that he wishes he could cast aside: a dangerous mixture of excitement and anxiousness.

More specifically, the excitement and anxiousness that comes with the return of his beloved wife, Persephone (or as he calls her, Y/N), from being away for her given six months of the year.

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jadethirlwall this is what we call the vennnd…and snack 💅🏾 #bendandsnap

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I saw the ask about rarity speaking French and it got me thinking. AJ is working out or lifting stuff and Rarity gets flustered and just says something in French. AJ hears it so she gets someone to translate And her face gets so red.

it’s canon now

i dont now what rarity said in fancy but it was something dirty for sure 



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My heart aches for Castiel after that episode. Dean finally opened up to him, tells him how much they need him around, and so of course now he has to become mind controlled.


I still think the next crypt scene is somehow gonna involve a mix tape:

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seems legit.