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SOUP HAVE YOU WATCHED ELEMENTS I think this calls for a reactivation of dirtyatconfessions

NOT YET AJSJDHSKSHK and holy shit do dirty confession blogs still exist even. should we do it vin

Devious Deeds (Ruki Mukami x Laito Sakamaki x Reader Lemon)

Mostly inspired by a certain dirty confession blog, hope I did you all some justice. As the title states, please know this is a lemon and read at your own discretion. Thanks!

With a careful look in your eyes, you glance to the back of the class once more. For what seemed to be the hundredth time that class period, you felt eyes burning a hole through the back of you head but each time you turned around, no one was looking. A light frown creased your eyebrows just as the dismissal bell rang. You sighed in relief, almost dying to fall into your soft bed.

Just as you began to stand up, a hand coiled around your waist and drew you in closer. You gasp as a hot breath whispered in your ear, “Bitch-chan~”

Nuzzling his face softly against the crook of your neck, you become torn with feelings to both push him off you and rub his head. You try to wiggle your way out of the embrace, your cheeks blushed a soft pink in embarrassment. “Laito-kun. Let go of me! People are still here!”

He smirked, his hold on you only tightening further. “Bitch-chan, you’ve been such a good girl recently. I need to reward you.”

“Nfufu. Which one of those guys do you like? I don’t mind sharing my Bitch-chan between the both of us.” He laughed softly in your ear.

“Laito-kun. What are you talking about? Come on let’s go home. Reiji-kun will be mad!” You hotly whispered back to him, trying to erase the dirty thoughts that lingered at the back of your mind. Shaking your head to rid of such vulgar images, you pull at Laitos arms.

“Come on my little Bitch-chan~ If you really can’t decide which Mukami boy you want, then I guess we’ll just have to let them pick us.” A grin formed on his face as you gulped internally.

Watching with wide eyes, you and Laito continued to stand by your seat as the class emptied itself out. Thoughts ran rampant in your small head as you watched Kou, Azusa, and then finally Yuma leave the classroom. Now void of any other existence, your eyes darted to the one student still inside the room. Ruki.

Shutting his book loudly as he stood from his seat, he looked up to meet your eyes. His hard bluish grey eyes stared deep within you as if he could read every single one of your thoughts. You gulped in fear. Walking forward to the both of you, his eyes never once left yours. He stopped a few centimeters in front of you.

“Ruki-kun~ We need you here for a sec.” Behind you, Laito grinned as he called out to the other vampire.

Looking up to the black haired male, you watched his riddled expression. Thinking he would just walk out of the class right then and there, you were surprised as he leaned his face into yours. Your mouths just barely touched, but you could feel his cold breath on your now burning face. “R-Ruki-kun!”

You yelped in surprise as he forcefully grabbed your chin and tilted it up. Moving his face to the base of your neck, he sniffed the length of exposed skin. You shivered as his soft hair bushed up against your jawline. Who knew his hair was really that soft…

His eyes snapped up at your movements, a small teasing smirk now forming over his face. “Livestock. Your such a dirty little thing. Stop looking at your master with such inviting expressions.” He took a step forward as you took one back. However, Laito’s hard chests blocked you from moving back and soon you were wedged tightly in between the pair.

Running his cold fingers all along your neck and shoulders, Laito cleverly pulled down the sleeve of your school uniform, raining soft kisses all along the open skin and occasionally nipping at the red spots. You let out a sound crossed between a moan and yelp as you then felt Ruki pull your waist forward. His hands slipped underneath your shirt as he captured your lips in a sloppy kiss. The pressure at which he threw himself at you threw the three of you all back. Laito’s back smashed up against the blackboard, a soft thud resonating through the room.

“Mmm-” Laito moaned against your flesh as his right hand began to pull at the hem of your skirt. “Bitch-chan~”

His sultry voice made you shiver in delight as your resistance was quickly fading. “W-we should stop.” You muttered these words softly against Ruki’s mouth.

Ruki chuckled darkly as he stared down at you, eyes glazed over in lust. “Livestock, it’s too late to stop. At least finish what you started.”

“Ngh.” You moaned in surprise when Ruki hands grabbed at your breasts. Eyes widened in shock as you shivered in pleasure. You could feel your senses being heightened by all there hot touches on your body. The cold air, the leaves, and paper. You could smell all of it as your hands unconsciously snaked around Ruki’s neck, drawing him closer.

The black haired vampire smirked as he bit down hard on your neck. Pain assaulted the spot before it mixed into pleasure. You ran your hands roughly over his head, successfully messing it up. He groaned in pleasure beneath you.

Your breathing became rough in surprise. Laito pulled down your skirt, underwear and all with one fast movement. Nestling his face once again by your head, you looked down to see a soft blush dusting his pale cheeks. Strong urges filled your body as you longed to make Laito moan under your touch. Placing a kiss atop his head, you feel his cool hands roam around your legs, purposely missing all the good spots as he smirked.

“Bitch-chan~” He sulkily muttered in your ear. “Look what you made me do.” Pulling upon one of your hands, he placed it tactfully between his legs. You moaned softly in reply, feeling his hard member beneath your touch.

Pulling his pants down, Laito gave you no time to react as he pushed his hard member into your ass.

“A-Ah!” You gasp loudly as deep pleasure erupted in your core, causing your stomach to tighten. The red haired vampire moaned behind you, drawing you closer by the shoulders as he proceeded to thrust in your ass. First slowly, then picking up his pace, Laito used the wall behind him to his advantage as he pushed his length deeper inside you with each pump.

You feel your eyes completely cloud over in desire. Reaching your hands out to Ruki’s waist, you pull down his pants. They drop softly to the floor as said male advances on your mouth. Cupping your face into his hands, he strokes your face as his tongue fights violently with yours.

“Hah-” You moan as his hard member brushes against your leg, causing you to loose the battle with Ruki’s tongue.

Pulling away from his lips, you let out a loud cry as Laito begins to pound you with even more force. Ruki smirks at your facial expression before slowly guiding his member into you. You shiver slightly at the connection.

“Ugh…so…tight.” Ruki mutters hotly as he thrusts quickly and elaborately inside you. You let out several choppy breaths as you cling onto the black haired vampire. Every part inside of you burns hotly at the immense pleasure you were receiving.

“B-Bitch-chan!” Laito yells out behind you. Unable to hold out any longer, his member grows hard and with one final thrust, you feel him release. You grunt, feeling his liquids seep inside you.

“L-Laito.” You whisper his name softly.

Ruki moans in front of you. He begins to roughly grind and thrust into your burning body. His deep grunts of force only seem to turn you on more as you feel yourself begin to reach the peak of pleasure. Your body begins to grind along with his. The both of you become a jumble of gasps and moans. You can almost feel him reaching his limit with you.

“Ngh! Ruki-kun!” You scream out his name as he gives a few more deep movements within you. A loud moan of pleasure escaped your lips as you cum with the vampire. His cool liquids flood your walls and begin to seep down your legs. You arch your back against Laito’s chest, the vampire having to hold you up as your knees tremble helplessly beneath you. Panting loudly, the three of you rested against each other, a hot mess of sweat and fatigue.

“Now Bitch-chan~” The red haired vampire breathed out the words into your ear. “Did you enjoy your reward?”

You weakly nodded against him, throat too dry to make out coherent words as you began to drift off into sleep.

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Your blog is slowly becoming a (dirty) confession blog

i think it’s more of a mix of wholesome then sudden attack of jizz anons or something similar

i mean where else would anons feel free to just fucking spill their secrets ahaha

ATTENTION VIPs!!! Please read Below~

ALRIGHT. So I decided I AM going to make a second BIGBANG blog. Now I’ll let you guys choose what you want it to be. Which ever gets the most votes is what the blog will be about. I will need at least 2 admins possibly 3 at most because I can’t run this and another blog on my own.
Here’s the choices

1. Dirty confession blog to share your desires and thirst for BB
2. BIGBANG text, chats and TFLN blog.

So if you’re interested in being a admin for either of these PLEASE MESSAGE ME!
You must be actively on here.

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why wouldn't u do nasty asks like ,,, isn't that the whole point of a dirty confessions blog

we do some nasty asks ( as you can see- ) but if its too far, then we wont do it bc this is mostly a joke blog

-mod damien is on fucking mobile

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Something based off this confession on the dirty lazy town confessions blog plz: 154403357081 (That's the post number I think I don't know how to tumblr sorry)

(I love bottom Robbie!! I think it’s important for people to acknowledge that power dynamics are not set in stone and that switching at least sometimes is p good for relationships) 

Sportacus chuckled a bit at the way Robbie whined and thrust his hips up forcefully, face pinched in frustration. 

“I already told you to add more fingers, Sportaflop!” Oh–name calling. It must be serious. Sportacus continued to tease Robbie’s tight walls with just one finger, smile twitching up in one corner. He made sure to just tease gently at the outer hole before pressing deeper at just the right times, pressing the pad of his middle finger to the spot that would make Robbie see stars. 

“Spor–ggh–come on!” Robbie shifted his hips forward forcefully again, trying to jostle Sportacus into cooperating. It simply made another laugh escape him. 

“Ah, Robbie, you have to ask nicely.” Sportacus said, pulling his finger out to teasingly press two against Robbie’s hole–enough to be felt, but nowhere near enough to penetrate. Robbie whimpered. 

“Fine…p…please. There. I said it.” Robbie said, crossing his arms over his chest. Sportacus nodded, smiling sweetly, before pressing both fingers in quickly, aiming directly for his prostate. The arms that had been crossed over Robbie’s torso quickly went to pull at the sheets instead. 

Sportacus continued smiling, innocent as could be, as he fingered Robbie–scissoring and pressing against his prostate more, teasing until Robbie finally begged for it to stop, warning he was going to cum. 

“You’re so nice, like this.” He whispered into Robbie’s neck as he bent over him, sliding in slowly. Robbie let out a shaky breath, somehow turning a deeper shade of red than he already had been at Sportacus’ words. When he was all the way inside, they stayed for a bit, shaking slightly with the deep inhales and exhales. 

“Please,” Robbie said again, this time not hesitating like he had earlier. Sportacus answered his request gladly.