Andrew Kearns and myself hiked the infamous Siphon Draw trail amongst the Superstition Wilderness. He was in awe of how beautiful dry, desert land can be. “I’ve never seen so much cacti in my life”, he remarks.

We sat here in our rocky nooks for a solid 30 minutes gazing into the sun’s beauty. 

Solid afternoon.

smuggler-captain  asked:

OC Fact! A Twi'lek! My Twi'lek Kai'vren has heterochromia, but it's unnatural. His eyes are naturally brown and his left eye still is. His right eye is blue because it's a cybernetic replacement and he couldn't afford one that matched properly.

Okay, so when Rek was younger, right? He used to hang with this zabrak chick who had the same thing (quick tip, NEVER startle a zabrak girl at third base; he’s still got the scar below his belly button) and anyway, he and she, right, they’re both dealing at the time, little stuff though- spice tabs. Anyway, the cops roll up and it’s clear they’re looking to crack skulls and make quotas, so real quick he grabs her like they’re making out like school kids, pops out the fake eye and stashes the whole load in there, and gets it back in the socket just in time. She looks a little weird and has a killer headache, and she’s not shy about kicking him around after, but you know where they’re not? In stun cuffs.

AAAAA hiii!!!! i havent really been around in a long time!!! i dont know if anyone remembers me… so aaaaa hi my name is dirt, to those of you who dont know me!! i dont get to pop up very much but um i do really like trying to talk to peopel so if you want to talk i am here!!!