day 1: meet cute or AU

john’s got a crush on his best friend’s brother…*BFB by victoria justice plays softly in the background* (dirk is not that much older than john.. or at all? idk they’re all in high school that’s all i know)

fast thing for dirkjohn week because i’m super busy but i love them

also sorry for my handwriting i really hope you can read this 

drive it home with one headlight / a dirkjake catharsis fic / CHAPTER 4
jake starts actually making some changes to make his dumb life less dumb, and dirk has to make a choice about how he feels about that.
By Organization for Transformative Works

Some mistakes are so fucking big that they divert the path of your life entirely, sending you somewhere you were never meant to go. Some mistakes are so seismic and so obvious that when you look back on your life all you can see is the beacon where you made them. Some mistakes leave you so far off course you don’t even recognize who you are or why you’re still here.

You don’t usually get a chance to make amends.


“Wait… 4/6? What happened to 5 chapters?”

Short version: I thought better of it. 5 was just because I got lazy with length near the end and didn’t want to give you 1000 word updates.
Long version: The fic always divided better into six parts, but I really condensed some shit in this stretch when I was writing because I was starting to worry it was bad and no one would like it and I’d been working on it for like two months of teary vein-opening work and I just wanted it to be over!! Now, with a few weeks between me and finishing the fic, I felt more up to filling that stuff back out. with the added length, there was enough to fit it into where the story naturally broke: 6 chapters rather than 5.