Musicals Renamed
  • "Chicago" - *Vigorous jazz hands*
  • "A Funny Thing...the Forum" - Rome has too many fucking foothills.
  • "Hair" - Rapunzel ain't got nothing on me.
  • "Hello, Dolly!" - Meninism, the Musical.
  • "Jersey Boys" - Three Seasons and a Castrato.
  • "Les Mis" - You can never have too many chairs.
  • "The Lion King" - Meanwhile, in Africa.
  • "The Music Man" - The more you know...
  • "Phantom of the Opera" - Luv u 5ever
  • "Pippin" - Stoners doing magic tricks.
  • "Sweeney Todd" -Bite the Hand that Feeds You
  • Any More? Add your own!


(by Federico Babina

If known directors were architects…

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Last Show Prt 4
  • End of Show
  • Director:*walks in stage* Thank you all for coming out and supporting this production, we'd like to take the time to thank some very special people and invite them on stage. *Goes through a list of important people* We'd also like to thank our stage manager!
  • SM:*Looks terrified and confused*
  • Director:You know you have to come out here and get your flower.
  • SM:*In a small voice* But I don't want to *clings to the darkness of backstage because it's safe*
  • Director:Oh come on! Besides you have to.
  • SM:*Walks timidly on stage and takes the flower, muttered* I knew something bad was going to happen.

“Before We Go”

Chris Evans and Alice Eve

Chris Evans directorial debut

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