things to think about as tsc approaches

- Stan is running as “Stanley Pines” (as confirmed in his official song)
- we still don’t know a lot about Stan’s past
- “[NWHS was] the first episode where Grunkle Stan’s past mistakes finally start to catch up to him.” - Alex Hirsch 
“The only thing I can say about the next episode is that it will involve a situation that affects the fate of the entire town.” - Alex Hirsch
- “The mayor of Gravity Falls is not long for this world.” - Dipper & Mabel’s Guide to Mystery and Non-Stop Fun
- various things from Irrational Treasure: Mabel is a congresswoman. Dipper has the President’s Key. “[Quentin Trembly] will return when America needs him most.” - Alex Hirsch
- the plot of “The Manchurian Candidate” (the movie this episode’s title was based on) involves brainwashing

I know soooo many people who associate themselves with Dipper out of Dipper & Mabel and if they were to cosplay one of the two they would cosplay Dipper and I see Dippers everywhere at cons with no Mabel and like
Please let me be your Mabel guys I’ll have every Dipper be my Dipper so I can be their Mabel ok I love Mabel

I see the same thing happen with too many Ruby fans/Ruby cosplayers who have no Sapphire with them because most people like Ruby and associate with Ruby over Sapphire more
I like Sapphire i love sapphire so much let me be your Sapphire please
Y'all need your other, underappreciated half oKAY

Im surprised i havent seen any theorys or predictions that touch on the fact that there is a reason Ford has a machine that displays peoples thoughts…

Ford was so obsessed about finding Bill/was suspicious about everyone he came in contact with being possessed by Bill, even his own twin.
So of course, the only way to be completely sure that somebody was who they said they were, he built a machine that displayed their thoughts.

As far as Ford knows, Bill isnt around anymore. He also doesnt know that Dipper & Mabel have fought Bill before..
That is unless Dipper remebers their encounter with Bill and it shows up on the screen. Now Fords got something to worry about. (Which would explain why in the new trailer he’s aggressively asking them if they have ever seen Bill before, because he KNOWS they have.)

Thats all i got for now, i just feel like this is how its probably gonna go down. Hopefully i explained it clearly enough~

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Gravity Falls (as told by someone who has never watched it)

So these twins named Dipper & Mabel go to a foresty area which is most likely called Gravity Falls and they’re with their uncle/uncle-like figure named Stan which is either short for Stanley or Stanford I think Stanley and then Stanford is his brother
ANYWAYS so this lady works at the store there and Dipper probably likes her but ALSo she has a boyfriend who is a goth werewolf and also an ass or maybe Dipper villanizes him
Mabel has a pig, the pig is important
The werewolf does things that are bad unless Dipper is just villanizes him; maybe the werewolf does the thing where they start out as enemies but becomes friends, and maybe he sacrifices himself for Dipper or something because people do that a lot in fiction
Then there’s Bill Cipher who’s…a triangle. An evil triangle.
And he does evil things. Probably puzzle-related based on his name. Also he possesses people or makes an evil clone of them or something.
Then Stan has a brother who did something bad with a portal, maybe he fake-died. Still not sure if the brother is Stanford or Stanley. Also they’re twins so maybe they switch places with each other sometimes.

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Since everybody has been watching and talking about this show called GRAVITY FALLS on Disney XD, I have been getting into it lately, too! It’s very entertaining and Dipper & Mabel Pines are the awesome lead characters in this show and another one named Wendy Corduroy always seems to be a very cool character to have a crush on. Don’t judge me! #gravityfalls #disney #disneyxd #animated #comedy #fantasy #dipperpines #mabelpines #wendycorduroy #cartoon #cultfilm #favorite #tv