Diplomatic Immunity

CAM'RON IS THE RAP GOD http://illrts.co/1lw6 

My generation has a special relationship with Cam'Ron. He’s made great music, but he’s also inspired an everlasting lifestyle. Everyone has their own moment when they realized that Cam’s influence was unprecedented. For me, it was during my first year of high school. I’ll never forget walking the halls and seeing men, who, weeks prior, had rejected anything slightly emasculate, wearing pink in droves. Guys were forming crews called Dipset, thousands of miles away from New York, with no relation to Killa himself. None of it was surprising, though. The Diplomats were our Wu-Tang Clan, and since their emergence, their impact has endured.

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In 1666 the Portuguese minister-resident in the Dutch republic had his household goods seized for debt; and when, two years later, he attempted to leave for Portugal his creditors secured a court order for his arrest.

Someone didn’t get laid that decade.