Hello Everyone!
Here’s the progress i have made with night-time Bjorn the Fell-Handed, from “At Night They Howl” diorama commission.

I’m slowly painting his armor, and soon i will start adding details and freehands to the biggest plates.

p.s. sorry about the quality of the photos - they’re made with mobile.


Trying to get some good angles for this diorama, but I feel like I need a better way to get a good lighting.

So this is a Tyranid Maleceptor about to eat / get shot by an Imperial Guard Lord Commissar. There are some dead Guardsmen littering and a few tentacles. I’m still working on the “gore” of them.

I enjoy making these dioramas much more than individual models now (especially since I’m not playing anymore).

I don’t like how the guardsmen turned out, but I like the brainy parts of the Maleceptor. It was my first time creating desert so that was a challenge too.


Sunday Fried Chicken Dinner by MurderWithMirrors
Via Flickr:
Making food out of clay in 1/18 scale is HARD, :-)