Close ups from self-taught criminologist Frances Glessner Lee’s crime scene dioramas, ‘Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death’.  Created throughout the 1940s and 50s, these miniature models came complete with working lights, doors and windows, and Frances sewed and knitted each of the doll’s outfits herself.  Discouraged from attending school because of her gender, Frances later endowed a Department of Legal Medicine at Harvard, and was made an honorary captain of the New Hampshire State Police.


In my senior year of high school I made a murder diorama for forensic science of Damon Albarn Face (1997). I bullshit a lot of the furniture but I thought i should share it lol


A frozen Moment
painted by Roman Lappat, “jarhead”

There is a little tragic story behind this frozen Sentinel.
The story is about Mischka. Let me tell you the pretty unimportant tale of Mischka, the Sentinel pilot:

“Mischka, the pilot was out on a scouting patrol for the imperial guard on planet Nacika IV.

This planet is a small imperial outpost somewhere in the 40K Universe and is well known for its cold temperatures. For sure the imperial guard was prepared for the cold athmosphere but they could not know that an iceage is shortly ahead. It hit Mischka pretty hard and in the first seconds of thunderous blizzard whirlwinds he tried to run away but he just froze to the ground … and the tragic story found its end.”

From Putty and Paint


HGUC GM Sniper 2 + 1/144 Type 61 Tank.

I’ve always wanted to do a diorama or scene with a 1/144 tank to show the scale of MS in the Gundam world (my old diorama with the Magella Attack doesn’t count since those things are stupid big to begin with). Using the Type 61 that came with the Ground War Gundam set and a good old GM Sniper did the trick. Painted with Tamiya Paints, and used the builders parts bazooka for a more military look. Thanks for looking!