This was a commission requested by Nick Wozniak aka @norkwoz

I really went overboard with this as he only requested a single stage diorama and I ended up making a five-stage one which spanned countless layers, 44 different PSD files, 709 frames of animation and tweens.

Nick wanted to have a couple of the enemies from the Explodatorium featured in the diorama so I just went and threw in everything you could encounter in the whole thing (besides the miniboss). As much as possible, I also tried to incorporate the majority of Plague Knight and Shovel Knight’s arsenal into the whole sequence. To top it off, I made sure that it loops together nicely enough.

The full looping animation wouldn’t fit Tumblr’s gif size limit so I had to break the whole thing into the five stages. If you want to see the full loop, you can view it here.