So as some of you may remember, I made a drawing a while back of Dioptase if Obsidian’s shard kind of started to take over in terms of mind/personality.

Looking back on it, I decided to redesign ObsiDio (as I call her :P) as the original drawing just looks too….extra, I guess the word would be. I’d originally wanted her to look more intimidating & disturbing in a way, but she honestly just turned out looking more ‘trying too hard to be evil and sexy’.

So I decided to think of Obsidian’s shard taking over as something more akin to corruption, like what happened with Jasper (as my first design for ObsiDio was made waaaay before that episode). The takeover doesn’t go as far as Dio becoming a monster or anything, but just Obsidian taking over her as a sort of vessel.

I still kept some things from the original design, like Obsidian’s eye, the more angular hair, and Obsidian’s more narrow waist. As well as the spot on her stomach where Obsidian’s gem would’ve been had she not been shattered, but I also just spread around Obsidian’s skin color like an infection. :3


Dioptase is an intense emerald-green to bluish-green copper cyclosilicate mineral. It is transparent to translucent. Its luster is vitreous to sub-adamantine. Its formula is CuSiO3·H2O (also reported as CuSiO2(OH)2). It has a hardness of 5, the same as tooth enamel. Its specific gravity is 3.28–3.35, and it has two perfect and one very good cleavage directions. Additionally, dioptase is very fragile and specimens must be handled with great care. It is a trigonal mineral, forming 6-sided crystals that are terminated by rhombohedra.

Photo (HD fyi) and text courtesy of Wikipedia commons and Pinterest user Bell the Cat