Parts 1-7 of JJBA in Terms of Dio Brando
  • Part 1: George Joestar is dumb enough to adopt Dio Brando
  • Part 2: The origin of Dio Brando's vampire powers
  • Part 3: Someone finally fucking kills Dio Brando
  • Part 4: A small break from Dio Brando that actually turns out to involve him anyway
  • Part 5: Guess what? Dio Brando also had a son
  • Part 6: Dio Brando seduces a priest and continues to fuck shit up from beyond the grave
  • Part 7: Dino Brando

Honestly, the thing about jojo is that it starts kinda normal, and each new bizarre thing it introduces seems so logical in context; you don’t even realize how weird it is until you look up and realized you’ve gone from watching two kids fighting for daddy’s approval, to watching a 70 year old old man helping his grandson cheat at MLB 2k 1989 to save the immortal soul of his best friend while simultaneously searching for the surviving one of those aforementioned kids, who’s now a sexy evil vampire that stops time and has stolen his rivals body.