So uh… after like a decade, someone posted A FULL HOUR of gameplay of Dinosaur Planet as it was presented on the N64. Before they decided to slap in Starfox characters haphazardly on the Gamecube release.

It’s like glimpsing at an alternate dimension.

Screenshot Saturday: One of the best elements of Star Fox Adventures is its portrayal of Fox McCloud.   Ironically, in large part thanks to the Star Fox team ending the Lylat Wars by taking out Andross, decimating his infrastructure and military forces, and sending their primary rival Star Wolf into hiding, the Lylat System had low demand for a merc-for-hire-unit like Fox and company following the events of Star Fox 64.

The mostly-quiet (see the canon Manga Farewell, Beloved Falco for when it wasn’t) period of seven years that Fox and co. spent sitting around an increasingly dilapidated Great Fox, scraping for cash and waiting for a call to action, had clearly taken a toll on the character: no longer the gung-ho hero he once was, the early moments of Star Fox Adventures set Fox up as a jaded, impatient, and sarcastic jerk who just wants to quickly patch Dinosaur Planet/Sauria so that he can clear his payment from General Pepper and go home.  The events of the game slowly turn Fox around as he grows to care about the innocent lives at stake and sees the danger General Scales presents, but in the meantime, Fox is plenty ready to roll his eyes, complain, and express utter bafflement at the situation he’s gotten himself into.

This is a roundabout way of saying there’s a lack of Star Fox Adventures gifs showing how the character animation highlights  just how done with this shit Fox is over the course of the game, and we’re on the way to rectifying that.

Who remembers Star Fox Adventures? Okay, good. Now, who remembers Dinosaur Planet?

I remember when the trailer for the game came out. As a huge fan of Rareware games, I was mega-excited and devoured everything that Rare offered. The music, the artwork, the trailers, everything was fantastic. And then, suddenly, nothing happened. It resurfaced years later as Star Fox Adventures, which was also okay with me as a fan of Star Fox, but I always wonder what would have happened if Dinosaur Planet had been made the way it was meant to be.

I’m having a bit of a Rareware night, so I did this drawing of Krystal and Sabre in boring poses because I’m in a rut and can’t do anything cool and dynamic, ehh. I just wanted to draw the characters.


Velociraptor - “Swift Seizer”

1. Chased by Dinosaurs (2002)
2. Dinosaur Planet (2003)
3. The Truth About Killer Dinosaurs (2005)
4. Dinosaur Revolution (2011)