The name of the animal represented by this model, Mei long, means “soundly sleeping dragon,” and the little animal was either covered by an ash fall as it slept or poisoned by toxic gases from a nearby volcano. Fossils preserved in a life pose are rare, and this one looks very similar to that of a sleeping bird. Learn more in Dinosaurs Among Us before it closes on January 2.


Sorry to throw a video on you guys after a week of silence- I honestly have been going CRAZY trying to wrap up all my outstanding projects and presents from the holidays so I haven’t managed new personal art just yet ;-;

The idea of making my own subscription box has been sitting in my head for a while now, and then I realized I had all this dinosaur product that would be perfect! Nothing here is final yet- but if I do decide to put this plan into action I’ll make an official announcement about it around the 15th! That way if anyone’s interested I can take orders and have the January boxes shipped without delay. The box price each month will be somewhere between $25-$30, and I have a variety of ideas for extra stickers and other items I might try and sneak into the middle month boxes too. Note that while prints and items are yet to be made, the box content and items are NOT personal requests or commissions. As always I work full time and cannot personalize every order with a commission, every box will have the same items made for it. But if you do happen to have a favorite dinosaur, feel free to share in the comments! I may very well consider it for print or item ideas *u* ❤ I’ll be back with regular posting and new art very soon!

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