Did you have this one ship you think they are perfect for each other and you start giggling like a japanese shool girl when you see a cute picture of them and you just ship nobody else with one of them, but when you see a ship picture with one of them and someone else of the show you are like a fury and quikly delete it or something else and scream: »NO! GET YOUR DIRTY HANDS AWAY FROM HIM/HER! HE/SHE IS TAKEN, SORRY.«

Did you have this one ship?

Logic of the ships
  • Me: I ship so much those characters (even if they're from an anime/tv show/serie)
  • Friend: Well, I ship our classmates, like Jo-
  • Me: Eww, do you do that? How awful person you are.
  • Friend: But you ship anything that moves!
  • Me: But is fictional.
  • Friend: But...
  • Me: You're disgusting...
  • Friend: ...