Washboard Wednesday - Slightly Damaged Edition

Hello Delicious!

A bad man came along and kicked the crap out of our pretty last week. Oh, the poor dear. I’m still kind of upset because while it’s only makeup, fake blood has a tendency to detract from the muscles and the loveliness, you know? But here we are. Now, Stephen has suggested that the workouts will be coming into play in quite a number of episodes, so perhaps we’ll see some prettier shirtless soon that are not filmed in a dark, dingy room. In the meantime, I have tried to make the most of what we have. 

Turned on its side. He looks pretty yummy. Could use a shower and years of therapy, but quite tasty. 

Arty makes the blood less ick and the arms way yes!

Crunch, baby!

Wait, how about a quick bit of perfect pretty from another show, just to make us grin? I mean, it makes a girl want to learn braille.

  Yeah, dude is sad, but sexy in a Fight Club kind of way. The pants. The arms. The glorious belly button. The lost will to live…not so much. I just want to inspire him, you know?

I like this one best. 

Thanks for reading today. I hope that you have a great day. If you are able to watch tonight’s episode, I hope you love it. I am excited to see where things are going and how it all shakes out. Do take care of fabulous self! Tags after…

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“Why aren’t you married to me yet?” He asked one time, complete with laughing blue eyes and a cheeky smile.

I don’t quite remember what it was that I was doing. I probably said something amusing, or stupid or both.

But I smiled and looked at him and dared, “ask me.”

And in that moment, in the quiet of a normal mid afternoon, with the jostling background noise of the city streets below, in that dingy studio apartment I used to scrape by to afford - we really did think we’d end up together. We were no one, a pair of 20-somethings with idealistic dreams and a snobbish self-entitled depth, we shared nothing but youth, innocence, lust over cheap wine and an unhealthy obsession over each other’s laughs. We were in love. The kind you only get once in your life, when the world has only tainted you with its promises of happy endings and first loves.

Looking back now, in a way he did ask me. Not so much in words but in feelings. Those blue eyes, that cheeky smirk, the way he swept over me from across the room. He didn’t say the words but I felt them. And to be quite honest, back then, I would have said yes. Undoubtedly, unabashedly, wantonly yes.

But life happens, as you know. He broke my heart before he even had the chance to ask.


Frenchie: The dreamer the student the almost dropout

jealous .

this was supposed to fufill a request but i kind of changed it so much that it hardly fills it anymore, so. sorry bout that. 

It’s around nine and the boys had just gone to bed. You’re tired and descending the stairs in socked feet, yawning into your fist and turning off the hall light as you pass it. Today’s been long– the twins had a little league game that Shawn coached and you took the baby to a new daycare you’d been thinking about switching to. It was nice, but when you sent some pictures to Shawn of the interior, he got the vibe that it was a bit dingy. He tends to not think anything is clean enough, good enough for his baby girl.

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The Light that I wanted so Much. par António João
Via Flickr :
Nikon F100 Nikkor 1/1.8 50mm series E (pancake) f22 / 1/40s Rollei Retro 80S R09 - One Shot (Rodinal) 1/50 @ 20 celcius 14 minuts - 1 Agitation every 30s Scanned on Epson V750 Pro gray 16 bits Tiff @ 6400 dpi Photoshop CS6 Portable clear dust, and convert to JPG

Happy birthday ratherembarrassing!!

You requested bed-sharing fic for ur birthday, I’m afraid it got away from me a bit, but here’s a start!

“It won’t be for long,” Kara says, and risks a reassuring hand between Lena’s hunched shoulder blades. Lena tenses under her touch, and Kara removes it, trying not to be hurt. She knows how much Lena is struggling to maintain her composure.

Lena turns to smile at her, and if Kara could ignore the dark circles under her eyes, the expression would be as smooth and practiced as ever.

“I’m sorry,” she says. “I must seem terribly spoiled, wrinkling my nose at this place when it’s going to save our lives.”

“I don’t think that at all,” Kara answers truthfully. The safe house is dingy, the wooden walls covered in a thin layer of gray rot, the furniture threadbare and dusty. It’s not the kind of safehouse that’s meant to blend in and hide through anonymity - it’s the kind that no one’s meant to ever find, miles off any trail. The DEO can’t exactly send in a regular cleaning service.

It’s the perfect place for two women who are supposed to be dead.

Kara hefts their small bags into the living room, settling them neatly next to the questionable couch while Lena continues to stand by the doorway, apparently held in place. Kara has the thought that Lena is putting every ounce of willpower she has into maintaining the calm expression on her face, and there is simply no energy leftover to waste on moving her body forward. Kara considers guiding her over to sit, at least, but the musty scent coming off the couch is revolting. She thinks it used to have a paisley pattern before mold and mildew and time ate it away. Thinking of the clean lines and modernist decor in Lena’s office and apartment, she wonders briefly whether Lena would be more disgusted by it in its original colorful state than Kara is by it now.

But that’s unfair. Lena’s never been fussy. She’s reserved, her mask so flawlessly pleasant that sometimes Kara is tempted to project onto it, to assume that Lena must look down on the cluttered handmade aesthetic of Kara’s living room. But if there’s one thing that has become clear to Kara in the past 24 hours, it’s that she doesn’t know Lena Luthor at all.

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Visiting Hours

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Spencer Reid x Reader

Summary: Emotions run high as Spencer recives his first visitor in prison. Loosely inspired by 12x16.

Word count: 1,564

A/N: So, this is my first time writing in an extremely long time, my first time ever writing Spencer Reid, and my very first post on this blog!  It feels like it took me forever to write this, and even though I am kinda nervous to post this, I am also very excited. So here goes nothing! GIF is not mine, all credit goes to the original owner. Feeback is also greatly appreciated!

The steady hum of an air conditioning unit is the only sound filling the stagnant silence of the prison’s visiting room where you sat. Pulling the sleeves of your sweater down further over your hands in an attempt to subdue the chilled air biting at your skin, you allowed your eyes to scan over the rows of half window tables that filled the dingy yellow-walled room.

Despite working for the BAU for nearly seven years and having visited a multitude of prisons during that span of time, this occasion brought a pit of anxiety growing in your stomach. Most likely due to the fact that this visit was not to interrogate or book a suspect, but rather see your own boyfriend of five years.

The last time you had seen Spencer was after his bail was denied three days ago. The look of dread and apprehension etched onto his face as he was lead out of the courtroom was likely to be burned into your memory for the rest of your life.

The sound of a metal door scraping against concrete flooring stole your attention away from the illegible slips of paper hanging on the back window just to the left where the sound had been emitted. A prison guard appeared in your eyesight, a group of inmates following him into the threshold of the visitor’s room; and within seconds, there he was trailing slowly behind those who preceded him— your Spencer.

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anonymous asked:

can you write more lena author x kara, post the latest development of 2x16.

the bar is dark & a bit dingy, never the place they expect a luthor to be so it’s perfect for kara & lena.

they’re five drinks in & lena is considerably more drunk than kara for obvious reasons they don’t talk about but that lena makes clear she understands in laughing, slightly slurred, comments.

“your liver is just, wow, must be out of this world, kara,” she laughs & she tilts a little when the elbow she’s using to prop up her chin slips. kara catches her & lena flashes her a grin. “my hero.”

“do you want another?” kara gestures to her empty glass & lena shakes her head no. they sit together in silence for a while. then, “i broke up with m-mike. mon el, whatever, him.”

lena’s eyebrows shoot up & she scoots along closer to kara. “why?”

“he,” kara scowls down at her glass. “where to start, honestly? he never listened to me, he kept making these decisions that made me so uncomfortable, he lied to me from the start about who he really was,” she shrugs. “sometimes he was funny but it always felt like i was chasing after him, like i have to be the bigger person always and i just felt so tired all the time. it’s…it’s not supposed to feel like that, is it?”

lena shakes her head no, gently.

kara sighs. “come on, i’m going to take you somewhere i can get properly drunk,” she decides with a nod & she takes lena’s hand without another thought, tugs her to standing. she’s the tiniest bit shorter than kara & her hand is soft & warm & kara is surprised by how much she likes holding it. “um.”

“bar,” lena reminds her. “drinking?”

“yes. yes,” kara laughs. “and then tomorrow we can make up for that lunch date i missed?”

“sounds good. tell me wherever we are going has human people drinks too.”

“it does.”

close, warm, real. (frank castle)

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requested by @caryled!! i love my soft boy frankie…

no warnings on this one!!!

tags list: @voidobsession, @twinklyhood, @doct0rstrange!!!

When it rains in New York, it rains. It rains and rains and rains, cold and dismal and windy, and it’s virtually impossible to get anything done. Hell’s Kitchen currently resides under a massive swathe of dark stormclouds, dimming the already dingy streets into complete darkness and drenching everything in icy rain.

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I Missed You

Relationship: Daveed x Reader

Warnings: none

Word Count: 1272

Summary: Could you do a Daveed x Reader where they are both really close friends and she is an excellent singer and performer, but they haven’t seen each other for years. Then he goes to see one of her gigs in New York one night and is amazed by her


You rubbed your clammy palms against your dress as you paced around the dingy dressing room. Even though you’d been performing since before you could remember, you were nervous as hell. The familiar feeling of anxiousness and excitement that boiled in your stomach before every show never went away. Despite loving what you did and knowing you were good at it, you couldn’t help but wonder if you would bomb this show.

Over the past couple months, you’d managed to get a regular gig at Steph’s Bar. You performed every Thursday at 11:30 on the dot. It wasn’t ideal, but you would take what you got.

Steph’s wasn’t exactly the nicest place either. The bathrooms always smelled of sex and the stage was just a small platform a few feet off the ground that was just big enough for a piano and a mic stand. Despite its shortcomings, you’d grown fond of the place. There was also an amazing jazz pianist named Michael who you played with regularly. You wondered why he chose to work at a place like Steph’s, considering how talented he was, but you’d never asked.

“Hey, you ready?” Michael’s voice pulled you out of your thoughts.

“Um, I think so?” you said, though it came out as more of a question than a statement.

“You’re nervous, aren’t you.” He looked you in the eyes as you sighed and nodded your head.

“I don’t know why you’re worried! You always kill it. Have some confidence!” You rolled your eyes.

Easier said than done, you thought to yourself.

“C’mon,” he began as he put an arm around your shoulders and steered you out of the dressing room and towards the stage. “We’ve got a show to play.”

As you walked onto the stage, you kept your head down, avoiding eye contact with the patrons. After you took a deep breath to collect yourself, you looked up, eyes scanning the crowd. They landed upon a familiar face, but you couldn’t quite see them because they were standing in the back. You shrugged it off, making a mental note to figure it out later, and you began.

“Hello,” you said into the mic, a nervous smile on your face. “I’m (Y/N) and I’m here to sing a few songs for you tonight.” You paused and looked around, most people paying attention, but some looking disinterested. You didn’t let it get to you too much and you continued.

“The first song is called Georgia On My Mind.” There was a small smattering of applause as you looked at Michael. He nodded and started playing.

Your voice slid over the low notes with ease, sounding smooth and calming. Everyone slowly started paying attention, ditching whatever they were previously doing in favor of watching you perform. You looked over at Michael, who was slightly swaying as he played, completely absorbed in the music. You felt a sense of serenity as you closed your eyes and smiled.

“I said Georgia, Georgia,” you sang, your voice echoing throughout the bar. “A song of you.” There was a man in the crowd who was mouthing the lyrics along with you, which widened your smile.

After you finished the song, you stepped back from the mic. Applause erupted from the crowd, and you could tell that this was going to be a great show.

You sang five more songs before bowed and made your way off stage, Michael staying at the piano to play before the next singer took the stage. A few people congratulated you on a job well done as you walked through the crowd to get to the dressing room. Before you could get there, another person intercepted you.

“Hey there, (Y/N).” You looked up, having expected a stranger who didn’t know your name. Instead, Daveed was standing in front of you, a bright smile on his face. You were floored.

Daveed was your best friend in college, but he was two years ahead of you, so after he graduated, the two of you slowly stopped talking. You hadn’t seen him in over three years, so you were incredibly surprised.

“What are you doing here?” you asked excitedly, grabbing onto his waist to give him a hug. He wrapped his arms around you and you smiled into his chest. You pulled away and looked at him. He was a lot more buff than he was a few years ago, and he had grown his hair out, but there wasn’t much change.

“I came to see your show. I’d heard about it from a friend and decided to come check it out.” He was still smiling at you.

“We should go out for a bite and catch up,” you suggested, already getting ahead of yourself.

His smile changed into a frown, which worried you.

“Or we could do it another time, if you want,” you suggested, hoping you didn’t make things awkward. There were a few moments of silence before he replied.

“No, tonight’s fine. I’d love to.” You smiled, glad he had said yes.

“Cool! I’m gonna go get my bag before we go.” You left him with an excited smile.

You opened the door to the dressing room and grabbed your purse off of the old leather couch. You looked into the mirror, making sure you hadn’t sweated off all of your makeup - you hadn’t. After taking a deep breath, you left the room and met back up with Daveed.

“Ready to go?” he asked. You nodded.


“So,” you began. “What did you think of the show?” You ate a fry as you waited for his response.

“It was really good,” he said through a mouthful of a cheeseburger. You cringed slightly.

“Did your mother never teach you manners, Diggs?” He looked fake offended.

“She did, as a matter of fact. I just happened to not listen.” You chuckled at his dumb joke, a smile spreading across your face.

“What do you do now?” you asked. You remembered Daveed joining a rap group in college, and performing in some productions as well, but you didn’t know what he was currently doing.

“I’m in a musical. I do some music on the side, but that’s my main thing right now.” You were surprised.


“Yeah,” he chuckled. “You seem shocked.”

“No, it’s just… I wouldn’t have thought that you would continue with theater, that’s all. But that’s really cool. What show is it?”

“It’s called Hamilton.” You nodded, motioning for him to continue. You’d heard of the show before -vaguely- maybe from a friend or something, but you didn’t know much about it. “We moved to broadway a couple months ago, it’s a pretty cool gig.”

“That’s awesome,” you said, genuinely happy for him.

“Thanks,” he smiled.

The rest of the night went really well. The two of you laughed and swapped stories of what had happened in the three years that you hadn’t seen each other. It was fun, and you realized how much you had missed him.

“We should do this again,” Daveed suggested as you two stood outside of your apartment building, Daveed having offered to walk you home.

“Definitely,” you said with a smile. You turned to go into the building, but before you entered, you spun back around and gave Daveed a kiss on the cheek. He looked surprised but also happy.

“Goodnight,” you said, opening the door to your building.

“Goodnight,” you heard softly right before the door closed. You smiled to yourself as you rode the elevator up to your floor, feeling kinda sleepy and totally giddy. Twenty minutes later, you fell asleep, thinking of Daveed.


this took me forever to write whoops! hope you guys liked it 😊💕