12.03.2016 - Patrick Kane, intermission interview

Olczyk: I gotta ask you about the unique situation here with no Corey Crawford, you bring in a young guy who has no professional experience, I saw you go up to young Eric Semborski, the backup goaltender for Scott Darling tonight, give him a tap on the pads and just kind of make him feel welcome.

Kane: It’s different for sure, it’s the first time I’ve ever dealt with something like this, but at the same time I think it’s something the guys can have a little fun with. He walked into the locker room, we were joking around with him, saying he’s fined for being late in his first NHL game, things like that. But I’m sure it’s a pretty cool experience for him, to come in, be an amateur goaltender, play backup in an NHL game. It’s probably a pretty unique situation, so. We’ve had fun with him, he’s been great, he’s been very supportive of the guys in the team, so it’s been fun having him. Obviously disappointing not having Corey though.

JUMPING ON MOBS CAT MILK AU BANDWAGON BY  @ghoststrawberries​  and @starsfadingbutilingeron

you know what they say that when cats stare off into nothing, theyre actually seeing spirits?

milk protects mob from evil fart clouds 

Start of Something New, Chapter 3

So, remember that Dragon Outlaw Queen fic I was writing? Well, I still am…albeit very slowly, LOL. You can find the first two chapters HERE.

For the anon who requested Roland finding out about Robin, Regina and Mal; and for @the-alpha-incipiens who requested the prompt “Laundry” for DOQ from my prompt list. :)

Also tagging @trina-deckers @sometimesangryblackwoman, @darthraydor and @the-not-so-evil-queen who all expressed interest in this. And tagging @oparu because…why not? LOL

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Some quick doodles I did the other day… And been sitting on for a bit. >_>

Did some quick coloring last night for the first two, though the Pokemon one is… I dunno. XD I got too lazy to color it. I’m sorry!!!! But, just know that the pokemon in it are named after said characters I drew with them(in my team). =B