Dimples are long seen as a beauty symbol. They are even called the most beautiful human flaw. They symbolize youth, impishness, and innocence.So who in BTS got this rare item?

Many may not know but Jimin has a dimple on his right cheek

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It was more visible when he had those cute cheeks

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Jungkook, on the other hand, has an apparent one on the left cheek

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It can be seen even when he slightly smiles

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One of the weirdest dimples I’ve seen in my life is jin’s

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It appears mainly when he eats LOL

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Jhope got some of the fluffiest ones ever

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Can you ever get enough of this:

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And of course, when we speak “dimples” & “BTS” we first think of Namjoon

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They are EXTREMELY beautiful, patent and marvelous

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When married to his smile, it’s a match made in heaven 

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Dimples are not that common but somehow 5 out 7 BTS members fortuitously got them. And that’s some darn impressive luck and genetics!

By @mimibtsghost

The Zodiac Signs’ Favorite Physical Features

Aries: Eyebrows, eyes 

Taurus: Eyebrows, figure

Gemini: Dimples, hair

Cancer: Eyelashes, hair

Leo: Eyebrows, figure

Virgo: Figure, hair

Libra: Dimples, eyebrows

Scorpio: Dimples, hair

Sagittarius: Eyebrows, figure

Capricorn: Eyebrows, hair

Aquarius: Dimples, eyebrows

Pisces: Hair, figure

One year. A lot can happen in a mere 365 days. Last year there was a shy, depressed, withdrawn shell of my former self who attempted a cover free swimsuit selfie. Someone who struggled to see the light after throwing herself into darkness. In the year following, she met love, she met death twice, she deeply slept, she laughed, she cried, she gained, she lost, she pushed, pulled and conquered. I was born from that. My story is not pretty, it is not one of rainbows and princesses but one of strength. I vow to love every dimple, every curve, every lump and bump, to no longer hide, and shine as bright as my smile. Whether it’s bgad, darkskin appreciation day or just a fat chick in a two piece I am here, bold and beautiful 😍

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