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“How To Skate Like A Street League Pro”

Ever wonder how you can become as good as the SLS Pros? Well, we all know that skateboarding isn’t easy. You need to practice, practice a lot more and, most importantly, you must be willing to take risks. Let’s face it, sometimes pushing yourself to take those risks can be the hardest part. It takes some serious stones to try a trick that you know can end up leaving you with broken bones.

What if I were to tell you the secret to the universe that would give you the motivation to take those risks and make you a better skater? If you don’t already know the secret to the universe, then I’m going to share it with you now. You ready? Here it is: PRETTY GIRLS MAKE THE WORLD GO ROUND. Don’t ever forget that! Believe it or not, to be a better skater all you have to do is to skate in front of pretty girls. You may not believe me, but scientists Richard Ronay and William Von Hippel tested this theory and have proven it is true!

The researchers tracked the ability of 96 young male skaters at a skate park in Brisbane Australia. Half of the guys skated in the presence of an attractive female onlooker while the other half skated without an audience. What the Scientists learned is that the guys who skated in front of a pretty girl skated better, took more risks and landed more tricks than the guys who didn’t see a pretty girl. Ronay and Von Hippel suggest the results of the field experiment provided evidence that “the presence of an attractive woman elevates testosterone and physical risk taking in young men.”

We’ve seen it in movies and we have read about it in history books: guys will do whatever it takes to get the girl. But don’t feel bad; one of our very own Street League Pros is guilty of it too.

At the last SLS contest, after securing his place in the finals, Bastein Salabanzi came up to Dime Squad members Brooklyn Clark and myself, declaring it is so much harder to skate against the competition when the Dime Squad is watching, because we make him nervous. Salabanzi may have been nervous but he also took second place overall. So, I guess the Researchers were right.

When I asked Salabanzi what he thought about the outcome of the researchers experiment, he said he believes it. He said, “A lot of people don’t believe this, but we are descendents of animals and back in the day we would use our muscle and testosterone to show off for the females and to prove how much of a man we are.”


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