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Ex president of Brazil sentenced to 9 years in prison

Today, Judge Sergio Moro, in charge of “Lava Jato” operation, which judges politicians and businessmen involved in several bribing schemes, sentenced ex president Lula to 9 and half years in prison facing his charges of Active corruption and receiving bribes, among other things.

To put short, Lula, who was in the presidency from 2003 to 2010, is accused of receiving a lavish apartment in the seaside town of Guarujá as retribution for favoring the construction giant OAS in several overpriced infrastructure works. Although there is obviously no direct link to Lula or his late wife’s name in the apartment documents, judge Moro ruled that the couple’s active involvement in the refurbishment of the property, as well as the fact that it’s price was never discussed with them, (which is taken as evidence that it was traded as a bribe or retribution for a political favor) is more than enough to conclude that the accusations are true.

Luís Inácio “Lula” da Silva was head figure of PT (Worker’s Party) for decades. This is the same party as his sucessor, impeached president Dilma Rousseff. PT was aligned to PMDB, party of current president Michel Temer, who is facing his own investigations. The alignment ended in 2016, with the large majority of PMDB members favoring Rousseff’s impeachment. These two parties are the ones with more members incarcerated by lava-jato, although it reaches deep into every major party in the entire political spectrum.

Lula’s sentence must still be approved by other courts. Either way he has 9 other investigations on him. If he does get sentenced, he will also be forbidden to run for any public position for 19 years.

As much as it is a very polemic decision, it is also the first time in Brazilian history that an ex-president is sentenced to incarceration. The vulnerability of major politicians and the application of the actual law system to them as it has been done in the last few years was unprecedented.