Chateau Clochard - The interior of this grand chateau actually no longer exists as it was destroyed by a fire in 2012. all that remains now is the grand facade. Originally built in the 1400’s a fire has been the demise of the home on 3 different occasions.

See the full history —> http://www.abandonedplaygrounds.com/the-abandoned-chateau-clochard-now-only-ruins-after-a-fire-in-2012/


05.08.15: Cryptics

I’m experiencing some intense writers block as of late. All I have to report is that timing is never right in life–all good things happen inconveniently. And, that strangers hold the key to bring you back from dead.

expired Agfa 200 // Canon AE-1

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…Baron Hill Estate was built in 1618 at the request of the Richard Bulkeley. In 1776, architect Samuel Wyatt re-designed the mansion in a Neo-Palladian style. By World War I, the Bulkeley family moved from the mansion and no longer used it as a permanent residence due to lack of funds to maintain the stately home…

Full Story –> http://www.abandonedplaygrounds.com/the-baron-hill-estate-abandoned-ruins-in-beaumaris/