Lizzie, drawn in PS.

[Caption: A realistic digital painting of motivational speaker Lizzie Velasquez. Portrait is from the waist up. Lizzie has long dark auburn hair pulled into a ponytail that drapes over one shoulder. The tips of her hair are dyed blonde. She’s wearing a sleeveless mint blouse and pearl earrings. She’s smiling brightly. The background is a gradient from grapefruit pink to soft orange.]

So recently I celebrated 5 years of being at my job and they give you a certificate and a luncheon and yknow, stuff like that. Well, they also let you order a prize from a website and it has some pretty nifty things like digital cameras, portable speakers, stuff like that. Well! Being the adult that I am, I got REALLY SUPER EXCITED when I saw a pots and pans set, and a waffle maker. I really couldn’t decide which one to get, but in the end, I went with what my heart says, and I ordered the waffle maker! ❤ so if anyone wants to come visit, I’ll make some bombass waffles for y'all 😘

Hi there! It’s Grace, nice to meet ya!

I’m currently a university student and I find that having a tablet or laptop proves to be immensely useful.

I received an iPad as a gift from my aunts and uncles who collectively pitched in to help purchase it! Although I am only in my second semester, I depend heavily on my iPad.

After receiving it, I did some research to find note-taking applications and other resourceful educational apps.

*****I hope this masterpost helps you out! Feel free to send me any questions you have regarding the apps that are bolded, as those are the ones I use and love! All apps listed are fre on the Apple App Store unless otherwise stated!*****

Please note that the apps linked below are found on the Apple App Store. If you would like the Android/Google Play version (if it is available) please let me know!

Learning + Studying

  • Duolingo (learn languages)
  • Khan Academy (clear and thorough tutorials)
  • TED (fascinating talks about almost everything. you learn awesome things as well as how to better your presentation skills if you’d like to imitate the styles of some speakers!)
  • Quizlet (digital flashcards–LOVE this app and site!)
  • Periodic Table (colorful and interactive and has fun facts about the elements!




Smell-o-vision is real: This “speaker” blasts scent, not sound

Calling the Cyrano an air freshener seems woefully simple. It’s a digital “scent speaker,” something that can be programmed in advance with different scents to evoke different emotions. Program the Cyrano to play mint, pine, vanilla and peppermint, and boom, you’re in a Christmas movie. So far the list of scents reads more like a Bed Bath & Beyond candle menu. But maybe it could get more interesting.

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Will Smell Ever Come to Smartphones?

Leaving aside the inglorious examples of Smell-O-Vision and other attempts to project odor in a cinematic context, the past quarter century of e-smell enterprises forms a litany of failure. In 1999, for instance, the DigiScents iSmell, a USB-connected scent synthesizer, elicited twenty million dollars in venture-capital funding and was heralded by Wired magazine as the beginning of a “Web revolution.” By 2001, the company had gone out of business. (The iSmell has since been named one of PC World’s “25 Worst Tech Products of All Time.”)

Undaunted, this company has just launched a “digital scent speaker.” Read more from Nicola Twilley