Tivoli’s new Model One Digital brings retro vibes to a wireless speaker
Tivoli launched its new Model One Digital speaker this week as a more tech-intensive counterpart to its Model One radio, which was first released in 2000. Maybe it reminds you of this speaker from Como Audio? Its creator, Tom DeVesto, started Tivoli and then left to start Como Audio, which makes the Solo. Read more

Smell-o-vision is real: This “speaker” blasts scent, not sound

Calling the Cyrano an air freshener seems woefully simple. It’s a digital “scent speaker,” something that can be programmed in advance with different scents to evoke different emotions. Program the Cyrano to play mint, pine, vanilla and peppermint, and boom, you’re in a Christmas movie. So far the list of scents reads more like a Bed Bath & Beyond candle menu. But maybe it could get more interesting.

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