Freya and their new Mount Part 1

well or I should name it “two pannels” xD
Here is a part of whats going on in my head as I saw my GW2 Character (Freya Nebeklaie / Norn / Revenant) on another mount then the raptor. lets see what the next sketches will show you. I´ll try my best to finsih this, At first just as sketch to show you the whole story .u. Hope you enjoy c:

GW2 belong to
Art and OC´s (Freya and her Pet) belongs to me!


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@celisart is a bad influence. My art is random af but this girl makes it even worse

I have a new idea for creating my traditional pencil art. Sketch out your idea on the computer first and then when you’re happy with it, transfer it onto paper. I may do that with this one here. The only drawback for this technique though is that you have to make sure your drawings don’t look too cartoonish. This one doesn’t look completely realistic, but I can always change that later.