literally the only thing that annoys me about digital estate planning is their reason for not just beating up gilbert

like since the game was supposed to be competitive, there’s no way getting up and forfeiting would forfeit everyone? it would only forfeit the person who got up? bc it was supposed to be everyone for themselves

i dont see why troy or jeff couldn’t have forfeited and kicked gilberts ass or whatever (or just dragged him out of his chair for long enough that HE forfeited) considering they were fine w/ doing that, and then had the rest of the group lead pierce to victory tbh
Digital Security and Your Estate Plan
We live in a world where everything is interconnected. We live in a world where everything is open, a world where the digital keys to the most critical parts of our life, our passwords and other pieces of account login info, have become an integral part of our existence.

Keeping your passwords safe, yet accessible in the event the worst occurs is an important thing to think about, definitely.

i love how in the digital estate planning episode they have troy play like an actual gamer

like when pierce’s dad was talking he wasn’t just standing still like ther est of them he was jumping around and button mashing and he broke all the pots in the house and i just think thats so accurate