lil disabled forest witch taking a break with some tea and a good book ♡

[ID: A dark skinned witch with curly hair, a hat,denim skirt and a white shirt lying down on a plaid patterned blanket on her belly and reading a book. Her legs are up and the right one is artificial. Her back is shown to us and face hidden from the hat. On the hat there are mushrooms and flowers. Under here there is grass with mushrooms on it and some plants in the bottom corners. In the right top corner there is a forest and along it there are bushes with a sunset in the background. There are a teapot and a cup flying and spilling tea above her and there is a shoulder bag with 2 orange leaves pin as well as 2 books next to her.]


3/6 of my characters for Craven my Senior Capstone!

Leo: Graphics Design major and paranormal conspiracy theory enthusiast. Wears hoodies all the time because low key he rolls out of bed and runs late for class.

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Taemin: A computer science/ game developing major. Obsessed Likes dungeons and dragons and hosting game nights with his friends. Loves spicy food and has yet to find a spice level to take him down.

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Mia: Song performance major. Fashion icon. Loves the color pink. She loves covering songs from well known divas and musicals. Her favorite musical is Rent.

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Mia (????):


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I keep forgetting to post here jfc anywaY hERES SOME GOOD BOYS!!!!!!!!

I was feelin kinda down so i doodled these boys a while ago and it cheered me up, so I finished it and I’m pretty happy w/ the results! Hope yall love these boys as much as I do