Digital Activism

a rather sketchy redraw of one of my favorite blood-lusty Gaara moments ❤️

Soul Evans doing da thing.

Yes, that’s right. Our invites are currently OPEN for the Homestuck Art Discord Server! 

We’re accepting people into our amazing community to have fun and draw! We have fun activities everyday, and it’s different every 2 weeks! Activities include Character Draw/Artpiles, which look something like this:

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Or other things like Panel Redrawing, Traditional Art day, Movie night, Game night, Collabs, and more! For a full list of our current activites, click here!

Make sure you check out the RULES and FAQ before asking to join. This is an invite only server! Once you are done, just send an ask! Easy as that. Make sure your art tag/blog is obvious, and if they aren’t just tell us what it is! 

We take artists of ALL skill levels, traditional or digital. 95% of our activities are digital AND traditional-friendly, so don’t worry, you aren’t left out!! We accept all ages 13+

See you on the flip side!