Digital Activism

httyd modern AU- water gun war XD

Team Snotlout VS team Hiccup

PS: Sorry i’m not good drawing you know.. water doodles there haha..i’m still learning ;D and sorry idk which best pose suits to them, so sorry if it’s not suits xD and idk if i can add bun to tuffnut’s xD

hope you guys like it xD :-)
I want to publish dynamic, impactful LGBTQ stories. And I need your help.
So, I recently became the editor in chief of Grindr and was tasked with leading our new digital magazine called INTO. Yes, that Grindr.
By Zach Stafford

The Stages of Darkiplier

or how I like to see it. @markiplier

they're not all official but its lil’ baby mark, dark warfstache, googleplier, fireiplier?? I guess, then of course the latest darkiplier. my personal favorite,,//next to warfstache//

it’s not finished!!! but i just rly wanted to upload the sketch in case i ever run out of motivation and don’t finish it!!! cries


messy and failed first kisses

hiccup still laughs about it to this day, as cute as he thought it was

sry for the shitty handwriting it was just a dRAFT

oh and read from left to right!!