What’s the color of the next car?,
Red you bastard, Yeah red you bastard
Don’t believe in god don’t believe in that shit
Not me!
I’d like to bring them down
Not me!
Some fool who dumb dumb do, Not! Not! Not me

Oh Some people get freak at me
Some people can’t see that I can oh!
Some people wanna see what I see
Some people put an evil eye on me 


ive been meaning to redesign my tokyo mew mew oc anyway so here she is, mew flour (kiri’s surname is kinda tacked on since she didnt have one before, but it means ‘flour’… that counts as food right? idk i needed something white that didnt sound too strange)

kiri’s weapon is a fan and her power is to like. blow flour powder everywhere i guess??? lmao. its actually p good for creating diversions and stuff tho. but since kiri is incredibly introverted and entirely displeased with having such a flashy animal theme she’s prone to kicking up a flour dust storm for HERSELF so she can make a getaway and go home and watch anime or some shit

…ok so this is KIND of cheating because i actually never really had any ‘official’ tmm ocs, since kiri was the protagonist of an ‘original’ project that was really just a horrible mashup of tokyo mew mew and princess tutu and. sigh.  i wont get into the details but this is technically my first time drawing her as an actual tmm character lol *SHRUG*