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I don’t go here, nor do I care for Kpop but like…. Her.

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WOW,, i found this steven universe art i made in 2016 i never uploaded anywhere because i didnt finish comics for the whole songs lyrics,, b

ut i felt like it deserves some spotlight now after, what, 2 years being forgotten by me??? enjoy my 2 year old art lol

I painted some portraits of my favourite Voltron voice actors! I don’t know if any of them have Tumblr accounts other than @bext-k haha. 

From left to right, top to bottom: 

Bex Taylor-Klaus, aka Pidge

Josh Keaton, aka Shiro

Kimberly Brooks, aka Allura

Jeremy Shada, aka Lance 

Ty Labine, aka Hunk

Steven Yeun, aka Keith

Ana Gasteyer, aka Krolia. 

AJ Locascio, aka Lotor and James Griffin 

Rhys Darby, aka Coran. 


ok but a detroit: become human AU?? bakugo’s a “defective” (deviant) army android prototype that some sicko messed with and installed rocket blasters into his hands. human and budding engineer kirishima buys him at a secondhand market for an extortionate amount of money, and is determined to fix him.

for safety reasons, the secondhand market staff removed bakugo’s lower arms (they have literal explosives in them), but kirishima puts them back on in a very brave, some may say stupid display of trust.

bakugo doesn’t have a very good opinion of humans, rightfully so, but maybe kirishima can prove there are exceptions.


Just finished reading Countdown to Countdown by @velocesmells and honestly, thank you so much for blessing my entire life with this webcomic, I fell in love before I even attempted to read and it blew every expectation I had. I couldn’t resist drawing Begonia, she is so so gorgeous and I hope I did her justice!!


@therealjacksepticeye I hope someday in the future you look back on the time of you touring and remember fondly of how many smiles you caused and how many hearts you warmed.

We’re all proud of you, Sean. And even though I never made it to any of the shows myself (sadly. I’m kicking myself so hard hhh), I’m thankful you were able to make that special connection with everyone who did come out to see you. <3

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