Digimon: Hurricane Touchdown

I was re-watching Hurricane Touchdown today. 

This time, I was watching the original and I’m just so super surrprised at how different things are from the german version I’m used to, 

For example,

  • The 01 kids went missing in the beginning
  • Wallace and Terriermon aren’t really that close at the start of the movie
  • In the beginning, Wallace and Daisuke don’t get along at all
  • He actually has a thing for Miyako, not Hikari but still ship him with Davis
  • Wendigomon has the 01 kids trapped 
  • Wallace actually seems to care more about Chocomon than Terriermon
  • Daisuke has actually character development
  • Wallace is a real mom kid

It really sucks that they changed the movie so much and cut so many scenes out. They totally ruined an really great movie tbh. 

I mean, it’s not that I don’t like the german version because that’s not it at all, after all it used to be my favorite movie for years.

But I just think, if they didn’t had to change it - for whatever the reasons were back then- the movie would have been even better and would have made a lot more sense.