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I like the English dub digivolution scenes more. I appreciate mixing up the music but it’s all so soft while the English dub music made it so much more intense! And the lady who says “digivolution” creates much more atmosphere than the robotic voice saying “evolution”. The downside is dealing with Henry making those sounds as he swipes the card, causing his poses to be the derpiest thing in the franchise


Digimon Linkz’s Battle System is Based on Cyber Sleuth’s

February 5th, 2016. The official Digimon Linkz title site updated today with additional information about the game’s Command Battle System. According to the site, each Digimon in the game will have its own Leader Skills, Special Skills, Inheritable Skills, as well as Attributes and Resistances. This description invites immediate comparison with Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth on the PlayStation Vita and PS4, which also uses CBS and implemented a system of Special Skills, Inheritable Skills, and Attributes.

The update also shows off new key art of the game’s navigator, Kurihara Hina, which was previously shown in an issue of AppliSoft magazine. Kurihara is designed by illustrator Okada Anmitsu. Her design includes a belt pouch shaped like an original Digital Monster virtual pet, with the zipper in the shape of an Adventure tag and crest.

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Why I Love Taichi Yagami #5

I love the friendship of Taichi and Agumon. It’s so sweet how Taichi cares about his digimon partner and you especially recognize in Tri how important their friendship is. IT. IS. SO. CUTE. *O* ♥