Fuck You Gender Norm Team

In honor of Brionne’s girly appearance here is a Fuck You Gender Norm Team:

Female Machamp- 

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Male Gardevoir-

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Male Lopunny-

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Female Alakazam- 

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Female Diggersby- 

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Male Bellossom:

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#659.5 - As Bunnelby age, their large, shovel-like ear develop faster than their limbs, eventually becoming as dexterous as their hands, though much stronger. They sleep or lounge most of the day in complex underground tunnel systems, which they spend all their energy expertly expanding. Their passion for excavation has made even wild Bunnelby a common sight helping at construction sites.

Named: Bunnelby - Burrowsby - Diggersby

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Oh yeah, I got Pokemon X finally! This is my starter and main pokemon, Dust the Diggersby, depicted here doing the Dreamworks face.

Considering drawing the rest of my team but we’ll see about that, seeing how I constantly switch them out for new pokemon and can never make up my mind.

Least favourite Pokeddex challenge Day 5: Least Favourite Ground Type - Diggersby

I think this Pokemon might do pretty well in national least favourite Pokemon competition. At least from what I’ve observed. I could be wrong.

Anyway, this wasn’t really any competition for me at all. Diggersby is definitely my least favourite ground type ever. There are other terrible ones but nothing tops this abomination.

Now’s a time for a little story about how I met Diggresby and how I came to hate it.
When I got my Pokemon XY I started blindlocking (a Nuzlocke challenge of a game you’ve never played and basically have no knowledge of) Y version. One of my captures was a Bunnebly, a Pokemon that I didn’t like at first, it was pretty meh and I didn’t really like its face. But through the beginning of the game I started to appreciate it because it was pretty damn good.

Then it started evolving.

I was so excited because I thought it would be something really nice. Turns out it wasn’t. My first, spontaneous reaction to Diggersby was the shittiest laughter you’ve ever heard. And the next moment I boxed it and never used it again. At the end of the game, when you’ve beaten the E4 you have the chance to trade any of your Pokemon for a starter. I traded my Diggersby because I couldn’t bear the chance of it living in someone else’s hands had I chosen the Wondertrade instead. So I just decided to delete it. I could’ve just released it but this way was more fun.

Anyway, I hate the design. I just absolutely loathe it. It is so ugly, so repulsive and so disgustingly bad that I couldn’t bring myself to drawing it any closer than this. I tried to make the ear-arms happen but at some point my brain just went ‘nope’ and I went with the more logical approach. Rabbits are very good diggers and having ears like that would be just stupid. So instead I thought maybe Diggersby, if it was real (thank god not) would just have really big ears that would sometimes get in the way of digging and be covered in soil.

While I love rabbits I just really hope I never have to draw this Pokemon again.