Difunta Correa’s Shrine

A woman who died travelling in the tracks of the Montoneras through the desert of San Juan Province. When her supplies ran out, she died. Her body was found days later by gauchos that were driving cattle through, and to their astonishment found the baby still alive, feeding from the deceased woman’s “miraculously” ever-full breast.

Now, Argentineans build small altars along the roadway and leave bottles of water for Deolinda (now referred to as Difunta Correa, or Deceased Correa) who is now a saint, in order to “calm her eternal thirst”.

Difunta Correa Shrine, Highway 7 Near Chilean Border and Cristo de los Andes, Prov. Mendoza Argentina, 2008.

A folk-created saint, veneration of  Difunta Correa is widespread in Argentina and adjacent countries. The story of a woman already dead but suckling a child is rather bizarre, as is the shrine in Prov. San Juan (shall post pictures later). Small roadside shrines such as this are common on major roads as Difunta Correa is especially venerated by truck drivers.

For the story see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Difunta_Correa