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Today, this happened over the phone. I'd already put most of the order in the computer, they were just choosing a drink. Me: "And what kind of 2-liter would you like? We have Coke Produc-" C: "I want Pepsi." Me: -_- "We don't have Pepsi sir, We have Coke products. Coke, Cherry Coke, Diet Coke, Root Beer or Orange." C: "Pepsi please." Me: ??? "We don't have Pepsi, sir." C: "Then what do you have?" Me: I just fucking told you. "*repeats pop list*" C: "I'll take a Coke then." Me: ???????? Fuck you.

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Birthday: December 22nd

Gender: I’m a girl!!

Relationship status: I am engaged to @misteradequate

Zodiac sign: For Chinese Zodiac?  I’m a boar.  (Unrelated, I am also a bore.)

Siblings: I am the oldest of six kids.

Wake up time: 3am!  Because I work the 4am shift.

Lemonade or sweet tea: Lemonade but frankly it’s very rare that I drink it.

Day or night: Whatever people count 3am as.

Coke or pepsi: Diet Dr Pepper.  But if I’m choosing between the two, then Coke.  Especially Diet Cherry Coke.  (All my drinks have got to diet because of my irritable bowel syndrome, I have problems digesting fructose.)

Calls or texts: Text please, because I hate making phone calls.

Met a celebrity: I had my picture taken with George Takei when I was about ten years old!!

Smile or eyes: ….both???

Country or city: Small city that’s surrounded by countryside for miles around.  Which is where I live, currently.  And I like it that way!!

Last song I listened to: Ummm *goes to* Mumford & Sons - I Will Wait

Nickname: Pike

Star sign: Capricorn

Height: 5′2

Time right now:  3:19am

Favourite music artist(s): Bastille, The Killers, Fall Out Boy, more I’m sure

Song stuck in your head: ……..We Are Number One, I woke up with it in my head.  I don’t know either.

Last movie watched: Cars 2, I think?  @misteradequate hadn’t seen any of the Cars movies and I wanted him to be prepared for Lightning McQueen’s impending death.

Last tv show watched: Star Trek Enterprise I think?  Before I quit watching it because it’s my least favorite Star Trek and I’ve seen them all.  But I have to pick it up and finish it at some point for my Trekkie cred.

What are you wearing right: PJs!

When did you create your blog: I’ve been on tumblr since 2010 but this blog was created in 2015.

What kind of stuff do you post: Video games because that’s all I care about.  Mostly Dragon Age, The Elder Scrolls, classic Blizzard (Starcraft/Warcraft/Diablo - I don’t do any of their newer stuff, it’s just not my thing) and various other RPGs and/or strategy games.  I also reblog anything that amuses me, really.

Do you have any other blogs moved to / saved URL: I have @targetverse which is where I post stuff from the most popular series that I write, and I also have @feathermages which is where I reblog stuff that is NSFW.  I have other older blogs that I used to run too which are now defunct (including my original tumblr)

Do you get asks regularly: I dunno, how regularly is regularly?  Haha.  I usually get at least one a day.  I reblog a lot of ask memes and the like.

Why did you chose your URL: I have been pikestaff on my online haunts in one form or another since 1997.  …which now that I think about it, was twenty years ago.  Hot damn.  Originally it was the name of a roleplaying character I invented.

Hogwarts house: Pottermore told me Ravenclaw so Ravenclaw it is!

Pokemon team: My favorite pokemon are Charmander, Ampharos, Psyduck, Porygon2, Vaporeon ….I’m forgetting some lmao.  In Pokemon Go I’m Team Mystic.  My current team in Pokemon Sun (which I’m not finished with) consists of: Lycanroc, Growlithe, Slowbro, Toucannon, Decidueye, and Jolteon.

Favorite color: TEAL BLUE.  A very specific shade of it which I don’t know how to call, so I just say teal blue after the crayola crayon which is very close to it.

Average hours of sleep: when I’m actually sleeping well, about seven and a half.

Favourite characters: Anders, Zevran, Merrill, Fenris, Marian Hawke, Tyrael, Guzma, any blood elf but especially Lor’themar and Rommath, Medivh, Khadgar, Indoril Nerevar and Almsivi as a whole (especially Sotha Sil), Tony Stark, Odo, mmmm you know I’m forgetting some lmao

How many blankets do you sleep with: Mmm probably about four?  It’s been cold lately but it’s warmed up.

Dream job: I just want to get paid to play video games and write about them.

Following: lmao the people who tagged me in this with nice reasonable numbers and I’m over here following 698 people.  Look, I just like befriending people, okay?  And I’m also following a ton of aesthetic blogs lmfao.

Tagging: If you want to do it, feel free!  I love reading these!!

do you ever imagine from the perspective of a European dude in the 1600’s watching some brown 20 something woman typing “i love when the pop says not to settle for anything on this earth RE: his diet cherry coke” because honestly I do little else

I thought it was time to do some recycling.

My football has been cancelled because the majority of the cunts who went, are far too busy drinking, clubbing and wanking their knacker boyfriends off to attend 2 hour long sessions of football training a week. I mean, talk about MURDERED.

2 WHOLE hours of training a week?! What was anyone thinking, expecting THAT much dedication from someone?

I’m pissed about it so I was out again this morning doing laps of a pitch and trying to practice my clearances and ball control. It was raining really heavily and I got soaked but the shower when I got in was deadly.

Baked bacon and a yogurt for breakfast.

I think I should get rid of my candy drawer and fill it with healthy shit like nuts and dried fruit, like it used to be full of!

Anyway, some weight training later, hope I can keep this going.