I never realized this until now but.......

You know as a 90s kid growing up a lot things went over my head, especially in cartoons….never got the adult humor, references and why certain shows had all their character had four fingers instead of five. But one thing I never understood was in a little show called Rugrats. Now, we all know and love the show about Tommy, Chuckie, Phil & Lil, Angelica, Susie, and later Dil and Kimmie but there was one thing that always had me scratching my head was about Tommy and Dil’s mom, Didi. It wasn’t like she was a bad mom or anything it’s just that I wondered what her earrings were hanging off of. They never showed her ears. Not in the original series or the spin off “All Grown Up.”

See? Look:


And again:

not a thing….

Now some of you may argue that there must have been one point in her life that her ears were shown well this should squash that bubbling argument.

Like I said….nothing…there.

And it only seems to be with Didi.

Want more proof?

Everyone knows who this is…..Mrs. Charlotte Pickles, mother of Angelica, Aunt of Tommy and Dil, Wife of Drew Pickles, and Sister-in-law to Didi and Stu….in this picture she clearly has no ears. It looks like her earrings were bolted in on the sides of her face.

However, in All Grown Up….

Boom. Ears, son.

So, with all this being said….where on EARTHare the ears of Didi Pickles?

Rugrats Episode 4b -- Little Dude

I’m alive! I’m not dead! 

I know I haven’t posted in about a month BUT it’s because I moved from Connecticut to Los Angeles to pursue writing for TV and the screen, which, as you may or may not know, is a pretty huge move.

Basically spent the last month getting a job and a place to live, and now I have those two things, I am settled enough that I can come back to this blog and re-instate regular recaps as well as What Was That Cartoon Wednesday and Flashback Friday, among other things I want to do. I know my last post was a Rugrats one, but I’m just in a Rugrats mood today. I promise I’ll do another Recess one after. And don’t forget, you can request whatever you want – as long as it’s animated! 

One last thing before we move on to the recap, I noticed I gained a lot of followers while I was moving, and so welcome to you! Thanks for the follows and reblogs. 

Now on to the show! 

The show literally starts with Didi asking Lou if he knows where Tommy is. Oh, Didi. Not even one second into the show and you already don’t know where your kid is. Lou says he doesn’t know any Tommys but it turns out Tommy is right in front of him so I guess he was just being an asshole because Didi interrupted his putting game? 

Didi was so desperate to find Tommy because, as it turns out, she is a Home Economics teacher at a high school and she’s bringing him to show the class how to diaper a baby. I think she might mention she’s a teacher once or twice more in the show, but we will never see her do this job ever again. I guess she decided to become a full time stay at home mom after Stu got that sweet sweet Reptar Wagon money. 

For those of you who took Home Ec in high school, it might seem strange to you that she’s showing kids how to take care of a baby since you probably just made brownies or sewed laundry bags or whatever, but actually, Home Ec used to be a serious class for women (or men, but mostly women) who wanted to be stay at home parents. It would go over things like how to manage finances for the household, how to cook, and yes, how to take care of babies. So there’s a history lesson for ya – I’m pretty sure Didi’s type of Home Ec had died out by the 90′s though, so I guess the high school she teaches in is in some kind of 50′s time warp. 

And speaking of 50′s time warps, she does indeed demonstrate Tommy to the class (I love how they all react like ‘ooooHhhH’ as if they don’t know what a baby is) and he messes his diaper. She asks the class to give it a try changing him, but the only person who is up to the task is T-Bird wannabe Rocko (or Ramon as Didi refers to him). He even has the greaser hair and the leather jacket. I know 70′s nostalgia was in vogue in the 90′s but COME ON. 

Rocko deals with the diaper and dubs Tommy “Little Dude” because it turns out he’s actually really good with kids. 

Some girls in the class (one of whom I swear voiced one of the ponies on My Little Pony Tales) beg to play with Tommy and Didi lets them take him while she goes for lunch, which seems like a pretty bad idea. Like I’m sure the girls had good intentions and everything, but what person just leaves an infant in the hands of teenagers? Especially ones who just seemed surprised at seeing a baby. Didi does tell them where she’ll be if there are any problems, but still…. like… what? Bad idea, Didi. Bad idea. 

So of course the girls lose him basically immediately because one of them was distracted by a football player she has a crush on and sets Tommy down on some kind of maintenance van, which ultimately drives away. 

Tommy wanders around doing shenanigans throughout the high school, such as messing up a basketball player’s shot and nearly murdering a librarian by pushing stacks of books over while the girls frantically look for him. 

Tommy comes across Rocko working on Greased Lightnin’ – I mean, a car – in the Auto Shop and is excited to see him, but Rocko leaves for lunch before he notices Tommy. Also, Rocko asks the Auto Shop teacher if the lunch bell rang a minute ago and the teacher says it rang 20 minutes ago. Um, sorry Rocko but if you go to a public high school in this country you still gotta get to the cafeteria, stand in line, get your food, and eat it, and damned if they’re going to give you more than 30 - 40 minutes for lunch. You are missing lunch. And also lunch happens at 10 a.m. for no good reason. 

 But, as this is a cartoon, they apparently have a lunch break that lasts for at least an hour. Lucky assholes. 

Tommy gets into the cafeteria after following Rocko, and starts eating some pudding which accidentally flies onto a football player’s jersey, making him fly into a rage because he just had it washed. Hey wait, don’t football jerseys get soaked in mud and stuff all the time? I think this guy has an anger problem. He sees Rocko eating the same kind of pudding that hit him and starts a food fight in retaliation. 

Are there no other adults besides Didi and the librarian at this school?? 

The asshole football player spots and grabs Tommy, but as soon as Rocko sees Tommy he puts a stop to everything. Aw… I kind of like Rocko. Even if he does weirdly zip Tommy up into his jacket instead of just holding him like a normal person. 

The girls get Tommy back from Rocko and it’s implied the lead girl and Rocko immediately have feelings for each other even though they’ve never really spoken up to this point. 

Didi shows up to get Tommy and the kids are like, “Wow having a baby is hard” and Didi’s just like “that’s nice.” Like you’re not gonna ask any questions Didi? 

Back at home Lou asks how it went and doesn’t at all question why Tommy is wearing strange sunglasses that he stole straight off a teenager’s face. He asks what Tommy learned and gets a face full of mashed potatoes as an answer. 

Tommy is the Little Dude. 

THOUGHTS: Although this episode is innocuous enough, I didn’t really like it much. It’s one of the only episodes where it mostly focuses on completely new and random characters (Rocko, the girls, the football players) who we will never see again. There’s actually no dialogue for Tommy in this episode rather than his baby noises, and it was just more of the same of a “Tommy escapes and does shenanigans” episode with nothing humorous or different to really make it stand out. It was fun to see a brand new setting though, and I actually wanted to know more about Rocko’s character. Everyone seems kind of scared of him but he seems to be a fairly good student, good with kids, and according to him, has a brother Tommy’s age who he helps out with a lot. I found that interesting. The music was really all over the place in this one too, and since there’s not much dialogue to cut it, the music started to get really annoying. 

Extreme Close Up Opening: Golf Ball 

(Bad) Parents of the Year: Didi didn’t know where Tommy was at the beginning of the episode, and then left him in the hands of incompetent teenagers.