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Today we remember the Diceman who made his final journey down Grafton Street on this day twenty years ago. Thom McGinty was born in Glasgow in 1952 and came to Dublin in 1976 to take up a job in the National College of Art as an artist’s model. He was short on money and to earn an extra few bob he sat in Dublin’s Dandelion Market dressed as a clown and stood completely still, rewarding anyone who dropped a few coins with a wink. He was quickly named the Dandelion Clown but he earned his more famous nickname after taking a job advertising the Diceman’s Game Shop near Grafton St. His signature performance style involved the appearance of standing stock still, while moving imperceptibly up and down Grafton St like a living statue. Dressed as the Mona Lisa, a Bewley’s teapot, an ESB lightbulb, Dracula and many, many more, he became a legend with Dubliners, earning legions of fans for his dramatic and topical costumes. Often parts of Grafton St. came to a complete standstill as crowds of Dubliners watched his progress, enthralled by the performance. Thom was diagnosed with HIV in 1990 and spoke eloquently about living with his illness and the impact his diagnosis had on his life and work on the Late Late Show in 1994. Thom passed away on the 20th February 1995 due to complications from the disease. His funeral three days later was a non-religious affair with his friends taking turns carrying his coffin down Grafton St. Shopping was suspended for the afternoon as the public lined the street to pay their respects to the Diceman and see him off on his final journey to Glasnevin Crematorium. While there is no plaque to remember Thom McGinty in Glasnevin, you can pay your respects to him at Diceman’s Corner in Meeting House Square, Temple Bar. Thanks to Aideen Stapleton for writing this piece. Photo: Wally Cassidy Photography.

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You seem interesting and I am strawberry jelly of your muscle definition. Question- one thing I've always wanted to manage since watching Vegeta train are handstand press ups. Have you ever accomplished this?

i can do 2 when leaning against a wall. It was good and then i died 

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uuuuuuugh she sounds so goddamn annoying and sounds an annoying amount like my friend who I’m entirely glad isn’t in control of such things -_- Kinda a shame you can’t just sit her down and show her specific Tumblr posts… or take her job.

Euuuurgh, it’s a problem! Luckily, she’s not in charge of anything relevant, thank God! It’s times like that when you just wish you could hand out a handy pamphlet, don’t you?

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Yo, w2g for saying something tho! You’re great, Anwen.

Aaaah thank you!! I felt a bit nervous saying it because we were actually in a place where we were being given a talk by a Diversity Editor (that is a thing, apparently) and this woman piped up with her comments, so I had to confront her in front of a room full of people!!

It was a bit scary, but she’d said something about how she thought diversity wasn’t always appropriate for reasons of accuracy in period dramas, and then she cited the example of the BBC’s recent adaptation of The Musketeers, in which a black man plays one of the lead roles. I said something about how representation was important bc everyone watching the show had a right to see themselves represented in some way, to which she said ‘but you can’t sacrifice historical accuracy for it’. I then got to roll out the whole 'yo Alexandre Dumas was black so you can’t really protest about the accuracy of a black actor playing a Musketeer in an adaptation’ thing, and told her that I thought contemporary representation was more important than historical accuracy, and then the speaker interrupted us to try and get her talk back on track trolol

Then we were talking about how hardly any women are employed as sports commentators / sports presenters, and this woman started talking about how rubbish and ugly a certain female sports presenter was and said 'that’s why there aren’t any women commentators, because the one we do have is crap’ and I was going to respond to that but the speaker just spoke over her, so I didn’t get the chance. 

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this is actually super useful, so good timing :D been meanin to learn loads on WWI and 2

I’m happy to answer any questions within my capacity that you may have on it! My entire family are WW2 buffs, my dad especially so; my childhood was spent traipsing around war memorials, graveyards, museums and battlegrounds, and I still try to find time to hang out in the WW2 section of museums or get my grandad to regale me with war stories.

My knowledge is shamefully Euro-centric though as those are the sites I’ve personally been financially able to visit, so if you find any good resources for learning about the wars in a more global context, would you mind sharing them? :D

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>Tony Stark makes the worlds most impenetrable lock. Forgets to actually improve the rest of the door. Sorry, that kinda broke the illusion.

So don’t read it. What possible reason could you have for posting that other than to make me feel bad about something I wrote? If you don’t like it, then don’t respond to it. There is nothing productive to be gained from writing that.

Of course, you’re entitled to your opinion, but sometimes it’s better to think about the consequences of expressing it. I’m not going to rewrite the chapter just to please you, so all you really achieve is making me feel slightly upset.