Diapo PRO

Self-taught and passionate photographer, I practice this activity since April 2014. The idea is to show our surroundings through various subjects that I like such as landscapes, night architecture; people in the street …. Photography allows me to federate multiple passions and express them in images. The photos on these pages are not retouched in Photoshop, I like to keep the side “authentic” of the moment. For me the “digital” does not free us to manage its settings and to frame her. Indeed, as a negative, the RAW needs a bit of work to produce a final image. I make brightness adjustments, contrast and exposure on Lightroom but that’s it. Why this site? Why now ? Middle age crisis ? “Not just a desire to share my work and give you an overview. Look through the photos of passion and above at any time of the claim. Hope you have as much fun watching my pictures that I had to do them. ”“ Bon voyage in my photographic world! ”